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Top 10 uses of black garlic for health

In recent years, black garlic is becoming an incredibly wonderful food that is used by many people because it brings many very good effects to everyone's health. However, there are still many who do not fully understand the use of this black garlic. Let's have a look at the information about the use of black garlic for health.

Prevention and support of cancer treatment

Top 10 uses of black garlic for health

The beneficial compounds in black garlic have very good activity to remove free radicals and inhibit the process of cancer formation. Black garlic Extracts also has a resistance to tumor cells, which helps the room to be vacant and suppressing cancer cell growth efficiently.

After the garlic is fermented, it becomes black garlic, it is strengthened by the medicinal herbs many times more than fresh garlic, which makes black garlic much more effective in combating and preventing the growth of cancer cells. In black garlic contains a compound called S-allylcysteine.

S-Allylcysteine is a derivatives of the amino acid cysteine, which helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body and reduces the maximum risk of carcinogenic.

The organic sulfur compounds, the derivatives of Tetrahydro carbboline have a very strong activity that helps to clean up the free radicals and inhibit the process of lipid peroxidation since it has the ability to resist tumor cells help the room and support the treatment of cancer successfully.

In particular, black garlic is rich in beneficial active substances, reduces the arising of colon tumors and other hidden spots often – the earliest clinical signs of colon cancer.

Strengthen immunity, increase resistance

Through the chain of fermentation process, the beneficial medicinal substances in fresh garlic enhance potency. Black garlic contains allicin, this drug suppresses active viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Active substance Allicin available in black garlic can destroy dozens of viruses that cause the epidemic although diluted even 100,000 times; Especially, the active substance 10 times increased with the initial to improve resistance to the body, help the body healthy and can resist many types of illness.

Help reduce arthritis pain

Black garlic contains a type of antibiotic that has a bactericidal, antibacterial effect from which it helps to relieve pain, eliminate swelling, eradicate the bacteria that harm the effective joint to help the joints healthy, no longer aching and effectively overcome the symptoms of rheumatic diseases effectively.

Reduce cholesterol, reduce blood fat

Cholesterol is an important part of the body but there are too many cholesterol in the blood that are likely to cause cardiovascular disease, especially myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular accident. The effect of black garlic lowers bad cholesterol in the blood and reduces blood fat efficiently.

Anti-oxidant, anti-disease

Black garlic has a very high oxidant that protects the body from damage caused by free radicals, against illness, slowing down the aging process of the body.

Therefore, black garlic is known as "the pharmacy" that supports the treatment of diseases caused by free radicals such as: heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease.

Supporting treatment of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases

Specifically, according to research by Akita University (Japan), if you use black garlic regularly after 14 days, people with a history of high blood pressure will have a significant drop in blood pressure index (average reduction is approximately 35%).

The effect of black garlic reduces the resistance of blood vessels by directly relaxing the smooth muscle of the artery walls, which helps to protect the heart. Especially according to studies, patients with atherosclerosis using black garlic regularly have the effect of decomposing fibrin in serum, reducing arteriosclerosis markedly.

Prevent and support diabetes

Besides hypoglycemic and cholesterrol effects in the blood, using black garlic can also help to improve the diabetic effectively. Black garlic has strong antioxidant features that should be considered as raw materials to prevent complications from diabetes.

Eating dark garlic for 7 weeks will help to reduce sugar levels and the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is pronounced. On the other hand, the effect of black garlic also helps to significantly increase concentration to help with effective blood sugar.

Protect liver cells

University scientists in South Korea have demonstrated by studies that black garlic can bring enormous effects to inhibit the ability to cause elevated liver enzymes. In particular, patients with fatty liver or other liver diseases if using black garlic provide a very high efficiency.

Black garlic effectively protects the liver and can be a good therapeutic support for liver damage. Preventing fatty liver disease, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver cancer.

Improve the body, improve the body ... especially in the elderly

S-Allylcysteine has in black garlic that supports rapid allicin absorption, easier from which promotes strong self-protection of the body against bacteria, virus infiltration, infection.

The effect of black garlic in beauty

In addition to the incredibly great uses that black garlic gives to people's health, black garlic is also a friend that the sisters cannot ignore in the beauty care of every day.

The ingredients in black garlic especially the vitamins like B15, A, C, E have a high antioxidant effect, protecting the previous body from damaging the free radicals, slowing down the aging process of the skin as well as the organs inside. It can help to extend the spring and the body well for you.

Doctors have affirmed that black Toit is a day of skin transformation and pigmentation of the horns on the surface of the skin to detoxiate, relieve, melasma, freckles to help skin fresh and bright white.

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