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Top 10 ways to solve alcohol for instant effect

From ancient past, he became a part of rituals in the culture of the Vietnamese spirit. The old man had the phrase: "Guests come to the house without tea, wine". Therefore, to fly now, you have become a habit of most of the bearers and oceans as special eggs of the country of Vietnam. Wherever you see, you can see people, from the luxury restaurant to the streets. And after the sessions, banquets, receptions or after holidays, weekends,... People always have to be intoxicated, uncomfortable, you feel hangover, dizziness, headaches, nausea, no more than to be dangerous even to health. So how do we regain the fastest health and alcohol? The folk solutions that Topshare shares will help you regain your health quickly after a session.

Drink fresh ginger juice

Top 10 ways to solve alcohol for instant effect

Drinking fresh ginger juice helps to circulate blood vessels

The hot Ginger has an anti-drunken effect. Ginger makes the bloodstream flow better, thereby rapidly resolving alcohol in the body. In addition, Ginger also helps keep the body warm to avoid some unwanted illness during the process of intoxicating the wind, feeling, fatigue......
Thai a fresh ginger about 60 grams into each thin slice after giving into a glass of warm water along with a spoon of honey to absorb quickly and help with drunkenness.

Drink cane juice

Sugarcane juice provides sugar and water for the body by drinking lots of alcohol

Sugarcane juice is a simple and effective way of solving beer. Sugarcane juice is cold, the natural sweetness of sugarcane has a cooling effect, purification of the body, ease of absorption and alcohol. In addition, sugarcane also provides sugar and water to the body due to a lot of alcoholic beverages. So when you drunk want to give the head a sober, master yourself and take your actions drink 1 cup of sugarcane juice, you can give more rules to enhance the effect.

Tomato juice

Tomato juice helps detoxify alcohol

When you drink intoxicated and vomit, it also means that the body loses an amount of potassium, calcium, and sodium. Therefore, the simple and easiest way to solve alcohol is to drink a cup of ripe tomato juice. In tomato there are many aforementioned elements that will timely replenish the body.
Or the morning after waking up, you do not rush to breakfast because the stomach is not restored immediately, drink a glass of tomato juice and rest for a while, when you find the weary and true hunger, eat new appetite and easy to digestion.

Hot lemonade

Drinking hot lemonade is an effective solution for alcohol

Using fresh lemons is a traditional solution that many people often use, this method of drinking water is simple and highly effective. Lemon and citrus fruits have the ability to help the body to disarm alcohol in the beer faster so when the drunk, you just need to take a thin sliced lemon or squeeze the lemon juice into a glass of warm water then add sugar, or maybe Add honey, few slices of fresh ginger. Not only is it quick to get your wine fast but also fight colds for you.

Green bean

Use green beans to alleviate alcohol

According to traditional medicine, green beans are sweet, slightly fishy, welded, non-toxic, gas-tonic, cool-liver heat, detoxification. So when you are drunk, it is recommended to cook a green bean porridge to cool then eat a few bowls will be very fast, effective, but no longer feeling tired the next morning. Or you can be passionate about green beans, taking drinking water is also very effective.

Fresh oranges

Fresh Orange helps to quickly alleviate alcohol

Fresh oranges are like lemons, it has a very quick alcohol use and provides many vitamins for the body at the same time. When drunk you can eat 1 orange or drink 1 cup orange extractor that will help you run out of nausea, headaches and quick alertness.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of filtered water makes up for the water you lose when you drink alcohol

When we are drunk our body is very eager to water. Therefore water filtration is a good solution to help you offset the amount of water that you lose when drinking alcohol while diluting alcohol in the body, reduce the concentration of alcohol in the person, help you be more awake. You should remember, only drink filtered water rather than using water or carbonated water after drinking beer because of the carbonated drinks, this freshwater will increase the carbon dioxide content in the stomach and small intestine, can increase the risk of poisoning the body.

Green tea

The tannic acid in green tea has the ability to reduce alcohol in alcohol

In green tea contains tanic acid capable of degassing alcohol in alcohol. So people who are drunk drink a cup of green tea can also help a good wine. Green tea detoxification causes nausea to be significantly reduced and a much softer stomach. Green tea also causes the muscles of the husbands to stretch out, creating comfort, relieving muscle headaches for drunkenness.


Eat bananas after being drunk to replenish the lost potassium

Bananas are one of the fruits that can help the top of the wine, this is also a fast, safe and economical cure. Alcohol, beer as well as other diuretics will remove potassium supplies, so eating 1-2 bananas or potassium-rich fruits will help to improve the situation, both helping to purify the blood, moderate lung alcohol. The next morning, eating a few bananas will provide a variety of nutrients and potassium power.

Coconut water

Coconut water contains electrolyte, which helps detoxify alcohol very well

Coconut water contains an electrochemical that helps gentlemen with good wine, coconut is a popular plant, close and familiar with each Vietnamese village, use coconut as the wine solution is both easy to earn, effective that saves.
Coconut water has a bar and a cooler, containing high electrochemical, which helps purify the body, cooling the internal organs, restoring the health of the gentlemen too Cup. Especially drinking coconut water after drunk helps your stomach more pleasant, the process of purifying the body takes place faster in the sleep of intoxicated yeast.

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