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Top 10 delicious, nutritious, cheap and nutritious fruits

For a healthy body, our bodies always need a lot of vitamins and minerals. To supplement the full range of nutrients daily, in addition to eating ingredients we should supplement the fruits. Let's take a look at the top 10 delicious fruits that are cheap and nutrient rich in the article below Nhe!


Top 10 delicious, nutritious, cheap and nutritious fruits

Bananas are good for health and digestion

Bananas are a nutrient rich fruit for all ages. In bananas there are many starch and fiber, which provide energy to develop muscles, physically and intellectually. Not only that, bananas also have vitamin B6 content that helps us have a beautiful skin. Bananas also have very good digestive support effects and have a healthy heart. High calorie content and low sodium in bananas also have the ability to lower blood pressure and heart attacks very efficiently. Bananas also support belly fat burning with people with belly fat. Reduce stress, insecurity agents for a healthy life. Can eat bananas in many ways: eat ripe bananas, make banana cake, banana ice cream,... The price of bananas is very cheap, you can eat bananas in all 4 seasons.


Oranges are high in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system

Everyone knows, oranges contain vitamin C very well for our health, especially young children. Orange is not yet fiber and beta carotene enhances the immune system effectively, helping to brighter eyes, increasing vision for more eyes. Cam also has some anti-inflammatory components, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The orange peel also has the effect of cough for children and adults. Be able to eat live cam or squeeze the drinking orange juice every day, combining orange and carrot certainly we will have a healthy body.


Apple is a delicious, nutritious, yet cheap fruit

In apples with pectin fiber is readily soluble in water, stimulating beneficial bacteria in the intestinal activity, helping us to have a healthy intestinal system. Boron in apples also supports the growth of bones very well. Apples also provide very good vitamin C for the body. In addition, it contributes to a reduction in the likelihood of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and very effective visual disturbances. Oxidizing substances in apples help prevent neurological-related diseases, preventing Alzheimer's disease. We can eat apples directly or as apple smoothies are also delicious and easy to eat.


Eat grapes daily to boost the immune system

When it is necessary to provide energy to the body, you should not ignore the grape. In grapes containing flavoid components that increase resistance, the heart develops healthy and supports the discharge of toxins in the body outward. Grape juice also works to relieve migraine headaches. Types of organic acids, sugars and cenlulose are in the grape also help to fight constipation, indigestion. Grapes also help to lose weight, pepper sputum, prevent kidney stones and improve the syndrome of diabetes. Grapes are kind too cheap, the sweetness is easy to eat, so fresh grapes will be better than eating raisins.


Pineapple is cool and nutritious

In pineapple there is a lot of fiber and enzymes that stimulate digestion very well. Not only that, pineapple is rich in manganese, this is a substance that helps form a sturdy skeleton. Vitamin C in pineapple has an increased effect on resistance and absorption of iron. Pineapple also has very good prevention effects, especially the cough room is very effective. In addition to digestive support, bromelain components present in pineapple can also fight inflammation, reduce the growth of tumors, reduce blood clots. Especially, pineapple is a cool fruit, children and adults are very suitable to eat pineapple in summer.


Guava has the effect of treating coughs, supporting high blood pressure patients

Not everyone knows, guava is a very good fruit for females to have a radiant complexion. In the guava is rich in vitamins A, C and oxidants such as carotene and lycopene work to protect the skin from wrinkles, anti-aging and skin becomes smooth. The potassium in the guava helps stabilize blood pressure, which is good for patients who often suffer from high blood pressure. Vitamin C in the guava also helps to increase resistance, iron is also anti-colds and prevent viruses. You can eat guava or preparing the juice very well for people with cough, colds. This is also a very cheap fruit that is delicious and nutrient rich. The price is only between 15,000-25,000 dong/kg.


Papaya is great for digestion and cancer prevention

Papaya is a food that has a lot of health effects. In papaya there are antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E and carotene support the reduction of aging. The amount of sugar in papaya should be very little suitable for obese children or people with diabetes. The papain enzyme is present in papaya which is capable of supporting very good digestion, reducing blood flow during menstruation, stimulating estrogen production. In addition, Papaya also provides calorie, enhancing bone health and preventing cancer.


Coconut water and copra contains many good nutrients for pregnant women

This fruit is very popular and the price is also incredibly cheap. Coconut milk does not only have a refreshing effect during the summer, but also has many effects such as: regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesteron content in the blood stabilized. Provides energy to the metabolic process in the body efficiently. Coconuts also support the treatment of many diseases such as stomach pain, constipation, dysentery,.... Coconut water is also very suitable for those with the intention of losing weight or the pregnant women. The price of coconut is also not expensive, only from 15,000-30.00 VND/fruit.


Watermelon is good for eyesight

A fruit should not be ignored which is watermelon, which is cultivated a lot in Vietnam. In watermelon contains the lycopene which helps the circulatory system healthy. Phenolic compounds in watermelon also have the effect of prevention of very effective infectious inflammation. Watermelon also helps the liver to filter ammonia substances, help diuretic, very good kidney tonic. Also, the watermelon contains vitamin A, which is good for vision. Watermelon Price is also cheap, there are at 1kg watermelon only for 1 cup of iced tea.


Avocado is a nutritious fruit for all ages

No one can deny the great effect of the avocado, especially young children, pregnant women and new sick people. Butter contains a lot of fat, acids and vitamin E helps us a bright skin and anti-aging very well. The active substance Florat has the effect of preventing stroke, against the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases is very effective. For pregnant women, the amount of vitamins in butter also helps me reduce the state of vomiting, increase the immune system to both the fetus, help them smart right from the stage in the womb. Despite the higher butter price some of the fruits above but with the nourishment that it delivers surely butter will be the fruits should not be missed.

With the top 10 delicious and cheap fruits we share above you are very easy to buy in the markets or fruit shops. When purchasing, you should choose fresh and clean fruits that do not contain preservatives. It will ensure nourishment and good for the health of your whole family.

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