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70 Million Viewers Watch Feline Instagram Star Dry Off With the Automatic Pet Dryer Homerunpet Drybo Plus

With the Rainy and Snowy Winter Weather Setting In, Keep Your Pets Dry and Warm This Festive Season

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- For many people, pets are a part of the family. So, buying them Christmas gifts is as much an annual obligation as buying one for your mom, your dad, your husband, or wife. Homerunpet, a pioneer brand in smart pet care, has the perfect gift for your little furry friend – something which makes life more comfortable for your pet, but also, for you the pet owner!

The Homerunpet Drybo Plus Automatic Pet Dryer offers professional grade drying for your pet dogs or cats – ideal for drying your dog after a brisk walk in the cold and wet winter weather – without the need to use your hairdryer or take them to the groomers – experiences which can make your pet stressed, and anxious.

A video was recently shared of Instagram feline star @floydthelion using the pet dryer after a bath. In the video, Floyd is shown looking relaxed and cozy. Upon finishing, the kitty slowly stepped out of the dryer, looking bewildered and wondering what was going on and where he was, as if he was going through time travel. This short video has become an overnight sensation, attracting a huge wave of traffic from social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok and Facebook) and leading to over 70 million views. Some followers commented - "That's a cat time machine!" Check out the video to see Floyd getting dried off.

But what makes the Drybo Plus so special? Drybo Plus introduces an innovative pet drying technology, in contrast to traditional blow dryers that are loud and may cause overheating issues. The kitty showed his approval whilst being dried off, looking comfortable at home and free from the stress that traditional dryers can bring. 'The majority of the cats that I used the dryer on have been much calmer during the drying process than previously with the force dryer', said Whitney Bullock, the Certified Feline Master Groomer. 'Less stress always = a better groom in cats. I'm loving the Drybo Plus, and call it my 'secret weapon'. I can't think of a better option for home-grooming of cats and small dogs!'

Other groundbreaking features of the compact and sleek Drybo Plus that are changing the lives of pet parents worldwide, include:

  • Efficient ventilation with hundreds of venting holes designed to ensure sufficient air exchange.
  • 360 degree bottom-up air flow to effectively cover any hard-to-reach areas, creating the ultimate pet drying solution.
  • Dedicated to safety with 10-time detection per second to ensure safety from a physical and electrical standpoint.
  • Cozy pet bed allows your furry friend to enjoy winter warmth and summer breeze in one delicate pet abode.
  • Pet hair resumes fluffy and sleek with 3 million negative ions released throughout drying, resembling professional drying service.
  • Operating at 40dB in a gentler Cozy Dry mode, and ≤ 60 dB in a Fast Dry Mode, suitable for most pets while keeping the indoor environment in peace.
  • No circuit in the bottom, and a detachable bottom plate makes daily maintenance a breeze. Hair shedding is no longer an issue with automatic collection.

Keep your pet warm this winter

Most owners reduce the frequency of bathing their pets in winter, for the sake of their skin conditions and to lower the chance of catching a cold. With Homerunpet Drybo Plus Smart Pet Dryer, a warm, cozy pet bed is readily available when the 'Warm Mode' is turned on. With the advanced temperature control technique embedded, the temp inside can be maintained at 16-40 degrees Celsius (61-104 degrees Fahrenheit) to suit various scenarios,  without the risk of overheating. By putting the mat that comes with the package and switching to the Warm Mode, the gentle warm air turns the Drybo Plus into a comfy pet den in no time.

If you are still considering Christmas gift options for your furry little one, Drybo Plus is ideal, serving as a VIP lounge for your pet, drying them in a comfortable and cozy environment, making at-home professional drying for your pet finally possible.

The Drybo Plus is available now on Amazon, Check it out to enjoy special Christmas offer.

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