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ReshaMandi introduces India's iconic natural fabrics to Southeast Asia

ReshaMandi introduces India's iconic natural fabrics to Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ReshaMandi – India's largest farm-to-fashion natural fibres digital ecosystem – today announced its entry into the Southeast Asian market, with a strong purpose of becoming a one-stop sourcing solution for all natural and recycled fabrics. With this move, ReshaMandi hopes to become the dominant player in the global natural textiles market and also the world's largest natural textile sourcing partner for customers seeking sustainable solutions powered by technology.

ReshaMandi has supplied over 10 million metres of natural fibre fabric to 500-plus domestic fabric, apparel and home furnishings manufacturers in India. Among these 500, more than 200 are exporters providing products to well-known brands across geographies. It offers a wide range of natural fabrics while adhering to sustainability, fair trade and ethical sourcing norms. These include silk, cotton, viscose, bamboo, hemp and other natural fibres.

ReshaMandi's Founder and CEO, Mayank Tiwari said, "The SEA region has emerged as one of the world's fastest growing apparel and textile hubs, playing an important role in the global textile front. It is an attractive and highly competitive textile industry with significant growth potential. Given the rising awareness around sustainability in fashion, our entry into the global market will lead us to be the largest natural fibre sourcing partner in the textile industry for businesses that seek sustainable solutions in apparel, lifestyle, home furnishings, fabrics and other categories. ReshaMandi has touched millions of lives in India by creating jobs, increasing operational efficiencies and paving the path for future growth. We would like to replicate the same model in SEA."

ReshaMandi begins its journey in the global markets with categories such as yarn, natural and recycled fabrics, home and living, apparel, accessories and design to living solutions, with an ambition to expand this in future.

About ReshaMandi  

ReshaMandi works with 60,000 farmers, more than 10,000 weavers, 7,500+ reelers and 3,500 retailers in the entire natural fibre supply chain to improve their productivity, impact the bottom line and eventually be instrumental in improving the quality of their lives. 

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Sohini Ray

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