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Hilti Enhances Safety Standards In Hospitals And Healthcare Facilities With Innovative Firestop Solutions For Fire And Infection Control

Over 30 years of experience providing internationally tested and approved firestop systems.

HONG KONG, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Hilti, a leading provider of innovative solutions aiming to improve productivity, safety, and sustainability in the global construction industry and beyond, is enhancing overall safety standards in terms of fire and infection control across the healthcare sector with its cutting-edge firestop systems.

Fire safety is crucial everywhere, irrespective of the industry. However, this becomes even more pertinent in the healthcare industry, which is responsible for everyone's well-being and safety. Fire incidents in hospitals are a critical issue, in addition to virus and infection transmission through gaps in walls and ceilings, plus that cutting through traditional firestopping materials like coated boards for new building service demands may release airborne contaminants.

One such example where Hilti Firestop Systems helped protect the frontline workers during COVID-19 was when the solution was introduced to the Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, Virginia, USA. Hilti Firestop Speed Sleeve with its innovative air-tightness twist-design were installed to allow the hospital to position ventilators and IV pumps outside patient rooms, reducing the potential exposure of COVID-19 to its healthcare workers. This also enabled the medical team to monitor equipment more efficiently and help reduce the spread of virus.

Ensuring fire safety in hospitals is challenging and requires industry expertise and knowledge. For example, there are variations in the mobility of occupants in hospital buildings, so evacuation times must be maximized to ensure safety. Plus, modern hospitals come with complex and ever-changing building services, which creates an inevitable demand for passive fire protection and compartmentation that meet the strictest regulations and can allow critical rooms to remain in the entire operation after a fire incident. 

A sustainable and holistic firestop system

Hilti is helping the healthcare industry in Asia by providing robust firestop systems that enhance the overall building performance and ensure maximum safety from such risks. These solutions ensure safety and asset protection while complying with industry guidelines and standards.

"At Hilti, we understand the importance of fire safety, especially in the healthcare industry. Therefore, our firestop products are thoroughly tested and code compliant. Plus, we provide additional value beyond stopping the fire. Our products are flexible and can account for thermal or mechanical movements. The fabric-free and low volatile organic compound (VOC) solutions help create a healthier environment in the building, complying with green building standards," shared Sam Keung, Head of Engineering, Hilti North Asia.

Hilti's firestop systems are easy to install, retrofit and inspect. Their passive firestop solutions for hospitals help insulate the noise between rooms and from the street as they help reduce vibration transmitted through the structure. Hilti's firestop systems also ensure reduced airborne bacteria and infection transmission through gaps in walls and ceilings while simultaneously decreasing the rapid spread of smoke in case of fire.

Hilti aims to provide hospitals with the utmost jobsite productivity by mitigating fire risks with sustainable firestop solutions. 

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Hilti Enhances Safety Standards In Hospitals And Healthcare Facilities With Innovative Firestop Solutions For Fire And Infection Control

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