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Bedsure's Immediately Sold-Out Back-To-School Products Are Restocked

DIAMOND BAR, Calif., Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As academic institutes around the globe fully reopen their campuses to students, the market need for cozy dorm bedding has also been steadily and rapidly increasing. Bedsure recognized the demand and offered incoming and returning dorm residents the most affordable dorm room essentials bundles. The thoughtfully selected items in the bundles have been well received with a near-instant sell-out.

With the new school year starting on most campuses, Bedsure has restocked its back-to-school lineup to help those who haven't been able to get cozy to turn their empty dorm room into a cozy den.

Sold Out in Days

In early June, Bedsure officially kicked off its first-ever Back-To-School program with four carefully selected bundles aiming to address the needs of various incoming dorm residents. Among the four convenient and affordable bundle offerings, the two budget-friendly Bedsure Dorm Room Essential Bundles received the most popularity and were sold out within eight days.

The popularity of the Bedsure Dorm Room Essential Bundle and the Bedsure Dorm Room Essential Bundle Special Edition came as no surprise, as the bundles addressed several problems that a dorm resident could face during the new exciting life chapter.


All the bundles were offered at unprecedented affordability with savings of at least 50% compared to market competition. The Bedsure back-to-school dorm room essential bundles come with everything one needs and more to turn their dorm into a cozy den for just $99.99. Conveniently making cozy sleep in a dorm room is no longer a luxury.

"…perfect for a college student."

A verified customer by the name of Keke Whitehead said about the Bedsure Reversible Comforter Set included in the bundle.


The 9-piece bundle is a one-time purchase option that includes two pillows, one pillow sham, one pillowcase, one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, one comforter, one bed skirt, and one mattress pad. The bundle is the perfect option for those moving into a dorm and can effortlessly and comprehensively decorate a dorm bed with just one purchase.


No corners are cut with the Bedsure dorm bundles. The included mattress pad adds cushioning to the stiff mattress for extra softness and comfort, providing hardworking students with a cloud-like sleeping experience after a long school day. The bundled microfiber comforter is soft but sturdy. Its diamond pattern quilting brings durability and year-round coziness to dorm life. In addition, the two Bedsure Hotel Pillows bring a luxury hotel-like experience to the dorm, ensuring sufficient rest time to wake up completely refreshed.

"I used this for my mattress in my dorm and it absolutely saved my life! I did not feel a single spring from my mattress."

A verified customer by the name of Brianna Zunun said about the Bedsure Quilted Mattress Pad.

All of the bundles help incoming and returning dorm residents to prepare for their new dorm life with the home-like coziness at a valuable cost with just one purchase.

Last Call

The Bedsure dorm room essential bundles were sold out in as little as eight days. As college campuses around the nation revitalize, Bedsure is making more units available in the first come, first serve fashion, for those still struggling to find the right bedding to get cozy at their empty college dorm.

For Bedsure's full Back-to-School offering, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/stores/BEDSURE/page/8D364C1E-A5B5-4A23-BED7-91D5BBCF3D8E?ref_=ast_bln

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