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Metis Global Limited Wins Bloomberg Businessweek's "Excellence Award of Trustee Service" Four Years in a Row

HONG KONG, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Metis Global Limited ("Metis") is honored to receive the Excellence Award of Trustee Service from the Chinese Edition of Bloomberg Businessweek for the fourth consecutive year. The magazine's prestigious Financial Institution Awards acknowledge the contribution of Hong Kong's financial talents and encourage the industry's development.

Metis Global Limited Wins Bloomberg Businessweek's "Excellence Award of Trustee Service" Four Years in a Row

Metis wins Bloomberg Businessweek’s “Excellence Award of Trustee Service” four years in a row

In recent years, the awareness of "sustainable development" has been trending globally. Metis, however, has been ahead of the trend. Metis has incorporated this concept in its product design, client services, cooperation with business partners, and corporate social responsibility since its establishment in 2013. The essence of trust is also strongly interwoven with sustainable development, as clients' assets can be passed on, therefore benefitting the next generation and other descendants. Excellence in client service and business relations are cornerstones of any organization's sustainable development bringing unlimited opportunities.

Speaking of the current global situation, Dr. German Cheung, Founder and Chairman of Metis Global Group, opines that "Challenges arising from the pandemic and closed borders are being replaced by geo-politics and economic uncertainty in many regions, yet we remain cautiously optimistic in 2022 that Metis will consolidate its market status and continue to focus on the pursuit of growth in 2023. Our trust services have extended to the Southeast Asia region with the launch of Metis Global (Singapore) Pte. Limited and through collaborating with local licensed financial advisories and banks, Metis believes affordable trust protection will be in demand. Meanwhile, Metis will strengthen its investment portfolio choices in Metis Global Limited and Metis Global (Cook Islands) Limited and strive for the development of new financial commodities."

In line with its strategy of steady growth, Metis has recorded a year-on-year increase in new business over the past seven years. Going forward de-globalization and geo-economy are critical factors that will inevitably exert tremendous influence on the development of financial services and products. Nevertheless, Metis will continue to lead clients and Business Partners forward and strive to be the most reliable partner in trust.

Looking ahead, Metis will cultivate collaboration with professional institutions and promote affordable trust and financial solutions for the general public, creating more partnership opportunities with businesses and reaching out to more clients needing comprehensive asset protection.

About Metis Global Group

Metis Global Group is a financial group that strives to provide unconventional trust and wealth management solutions to clients in Asia. As members of a well-established group, Metis Global (Singapore) Pte. Limited, Metis Global Limited, and Metis Global (Cook Islands) Limited offer trust solutions from jurisdictions that have well-developed trust protections which provide clients with comprehensive asset protection.

Bloomberg Businessweek Financial Institution Awards

The Financial Institution Awards Ceremony, hosted by the world's largest financial media group - Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition, is a respected annual event in Hong Kong. It recognizes institutions that have played an important role in contributing to the financial industry and economy and the finalists and winners of the Bloomberg Businessweek Financial Institution Awards have been among the top-notch financial institutions.

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