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PURE Celebrates International Day of Yoga

Yogis can find harmony with citywide themed classes and exclusive prizes through an all-new social media challenge 

HONG KONG, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Perfectly blending knowledge, action and devotion, yoga offers much-needed calm in our fast-paced world, especially during the challenging times of COVID-19. PURE Yoga, a leader in the Hong Kong yoga industry, announces its exclusive celebration for the International Day of Yoga (21 June). Echoing –this year's worldwide theme of "Yoga for Humanity", PURE will reiterate the power of yoga by inviting the community to join hands and spread out the love for a stronger and healthier lifestyle. 

PURE Celebrates International Day of Yoga

As many within the city have found their passion and purpose through yoga, there's never been a better time to come out and salute each other. Whether one is a seasoned yogi or new to the mat, there's a place inside PURE Yoga to connect in celebration. 

Prizeworthy Poses – Upside Down Clan Tribe Contest 

Starting 20 June and open to the entire Hong Kong community, yogis can log on to Instagram and Facebook for the chance to win a pair of Havaianas flip-flops! To enter the IDY: Upside Down Clan Tribe Contest, simply upload to share an inversion pose photo on either social media platform. Next, tag both @pureyogaofficial and @upsidedownclan before liking and following both social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook before 11:59pm on 24 June. 

International Day of Yoga Special Classes

PURE Cardholders will be treated to a series of special classes on 21 June, including Flexibility Flow, Clam your mind with Yin Yoga, Love the Heat, Inward Focus, Deeper Connection, and Power Vinyasa. The dynamic lessons will cover everything from improving flexibility and focused breathing to relaxing meditation, restful yin poses, and grounding and mindfulness. For those who love activewear brand Sweaty Betty, be sure to check out the Power Vinyasa classes where all participants will receive a gift and HK$500 voucher to spend at Sweaty Betty's Hong Kong stores. 

International Day of Yoga Special Classes: 

Flexibility Flow


This Dynamic practice focuses on improving the flexibility of hips and hamstrings. Some pranayama, chanting, and meditation may be included in the session. Students can also expect to combine traditional yoga poses with modern-style stretches that leave them feeling invigorated, supple, and ready for the day ahead.

Calm Your Mind with Yin Yoga

This gentle practice is all about one's body-mind connection. Restful yin poses are practised to help relax the body and focusing on the rhythm of the breath is encouraged to promote grounding and mindfulness. Props can be used to make the poses more relaxing and aid the release of any mental and physical tension.

Love the Heat  



A class for Hot Yoga fans, poses will be held for longer while calm breathing is encouraged with the purpose of focusing the mind and improving body awareness. Students can expect a fun, challenging and invigorating sequence with plenty of sweating. The heat adds to the physical effort required to do the postures and aids in conditioning the body. 

Inward Focus, Deeper Connection  

This beginner-friendly class is designed to help students align their bodies and minds with their yoga practice. It includes special pranayama (breathing exercises), basic poses, and relaxing meditation. Students can expect a sequence that allows them to focus their attention inwards, explore their physical sensations, and develop a deeper body-mind connection.  

Sweaty Betty x PURE –
IYD Special: Power Vinyasa

Sponsored by Sweaty Betty, all participants will receive a gift along with a HK$500 voucher to spend at Sweaty Betty's Hong Kong stores. An energetic and fun vinyasa practice set to upbeat and energising music, students will go through dynamic and sweat-inducing movements with postures ranging from foundational asanas to more challenging variations, including arm balance preparations. 

About The PURE Group 

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