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K-Pop is Leading 'Twitter Spaces' Globally; 3 of The Top 5 Most Listened-to Twitter Spaces Are K-Pop Artists

  • NCT, the first K-pop artist who hosted a Space, was the most listened-to Space before launch
  • GOT7 BamBam set the record for the most listened-to Space since launch with his interactive Q&A
  • Global K-culture festival 'KCON:TACT' created a series of Spaces with talk show format
  • K-culture like movies and webtoons also use Spaces in innovative ways

Media OutReach - 8 July 2021 - K-pop fans come to Twitter to talk about what's happening. While K-pop fans already flock to Twitter for their favorite artists' Tweets, Spaces now gives fans a way to listen to their favorite artists' voices - live. Joining K-pop artists' live audio conversations brings them to life in a completely new way and helps fans to feel closer to their favorites.

K-Pop is Leading 'Twitter Spaces' Globally; 3 of The Top 5 Most Listened-to Twitter Spaces Are K-Pop Artists
@NCTsmtown), TWICE (
), BamBam (
), LOONA (
), and MonstaX (
) among many others, have been able to listen to their favorites via live audio.

@BamBam1A) set the record for the most listened-to Space since launch, with his Space on June 9. BamBam's Space was noteworthy for including an interactive Q&A with fans, where fans were able to ask BamBam their questions themselves.

@NCTsmtown) was the first K-pop artist to host a Space, and set the record for the most listened-to Space before Spaces launched to the public. NCT's Space was also the most liked Tweet for live Spaces, despite Spaces still being in beta at the time on March 11.

@JYPETWICE) was the first K-pop girl group to host a Space and connect with their fans, when they led an 'After Party' Space of the comeback premiere live-streaming of 'Taste of Love' on June 9.

@krungy21, 2NE1) becoming the first K-pop artist to join a Space as a speaker, to have an interactive Q&A with fans on March 8. #KCON:TACT became the first series of K-pop talk shows on Spaces, as KCON (
) established the Spaces with two K-pop artists with pairings like ONF (
) & ONEUS (
), SF9 (
) & P1Harmony (
), to talk about KCON (
) events.

#TwitterBlueroom to connect with their fans via livestreamed Q&A. Now, artists are using Spaces in tandem with
to make their live connections with their fans better. ENHYPEN (
) went live on Spaces immediately before going Live on
, giving fans who were waiting for the Blueroom a fun way to connect with the group. ASTRO (
) used Spaces as an after party instead, going live on
, then switching to Twitter Spaces after the Blueroom finished for a quick surprise to delight their fans.

K-pop Generations Analysis by Twitter Usage" shows, K-pop artists are now utilizing Twitter even before their debuts to drive excitement and gain fans, like new K-pop boy group JUST B (
), which debuted at the end of June 2021. JUST B opened its Twitter handle in advance on May 21, but everything about its debut was kept confidential. JUST B utilized Twitter Spaces as the first time that the world heard its members' voices, which fans were able to share live with each other.

@cine21_editor), the most influential film magazine in Korea, hosted a Space for six prominent movie journalists around the 2021 #Oscars, where the journalists shared their predictions and analysis live, as well as discussed major moments like 'Minari' star Yuh-Jung Youn's win. In another K-culture Space, before the
live-streaming for the K-movie 'The Book of Fish', actors (Seol Gyeong-gu, Byun Yo-han) and film director (Lee Joon-ik) joined a Twitter Space to drive up excitement. Hip Hop artist Simon Dominic and popular webtoonist Jongbeom Lee are among others that have had conversations with fans on Spaces.

@exo9sh, creating a 'playlist' together on Spaces for about 8 hours, helping the hashtag
trend worldwide.









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