21.06.2020, 15:46

Ministry of Finance timely solves petition on administrative regulation, avoiding the creation of sensational topic in society

VCN – The Ministry of Finance sent a document to heads of the units under the ministry and press units of the finance sector to continue promoting administrative reforms, maintaining and improving the PAR Index of the Ministry of Finance.

Ministry of Finance timely solves petition on administrative regulation, avoiding the creation of sensational topic in society
The effort in implementing administrative reform of the Finance sector has brought many benefits to the people and businesses. Photo: T.Bình

In the document, the Ministry of Finance stated that in 2020 and the following years, requesting heads of the units under the Ministry of Finance to concentrate on researching thoroughly and fully the criteria and PAR index of 2019, especially some criteria and component criteria which have not reached the maximum score of PAR Index in 2019 to have more effective implementation solutions in 2020 and subsequent years.

In addition, to effectively implement programmes and plans of the Ministry of Finance to implement the Government's resolutions on administrative reform; continue to formulate and complete the legal system towards improving uniformity, synchronisation and ensuring feasibility of legal documents after promulgation, meeting requirements of innovation and development in the field of finance; accelerate formulation, issue detailed regulations and implementation guidelines.

In addition, units must also promote the review, reduction and simplification of administrative procedures, business conditions, reporting regime to be more effective and substantial; eliminate unofficial costs for people and businesses; implement the resolution of files for people and businesses; seriously implement apologies to people and organisations when they failed to meet a deadline; promptly settle the reflections and recommendations on administrative regulations, avoid creating frustrations or creating sensational topics in society.

In particular, the Ministry of Finance requested strengthening the review and streamlining of the administrative apparatus and public non-business units. The rearrangement and consolidation of the organisational structure must ensure reasonable structure; strengthening decentralisation to release resources for development, ensuring suitability of management and administration capacity of agencies and units, and closely associating with implementation of streamlining policies; continue to review and improve contents of job positions of officials and employees after cutting and reorganising the apparatus; tighten discipline in performing tasks and public duties.

The document also emphasised continuous improvement of regulations on financial autonomy mechanism of public non-business units; complete mechanisms and policies to convert public non-business units into joint-stock companies, ensuring publicity, transparency, efficiency and maximising State benefits; synchronously deploying solutions to accelerate the disbursement of public investment capital, ensuring progress in accordance with the plan.

The Ministry of Finance also proposed prioritising resources, focusing on effective implementation of task groups on e-government development; enhancing application of information technology, building an e-government based on administrative reform, setting people and businesses as the centre and standardising business processes, towards digital government, digital economy and digital society.

Inspection and supervision of the implementation of administrative reform at units must also be strengthened, especially agencies and units that directly handle administrative procedures for people and businesses; considering accomplishment of administrative reform tasks as criteria for the evaluation of emulation and commendation of units and also a criteria for public evaluation.

For the financial press, the Ministry of Finance requested to continue promoting information and communication about PAR to raise awareness and responsibility of officials, civil servants and public employees; people, businesses and society for administrative reform of the Ministry of Finance.

By Hồng Vân/Thanh Thuy