21.06.2020, 10:02

Landslides threaten hundreds of households in Lai Chau

Hundreds of households in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau are facing the high risk of being hit by landslides in the rainy season.

According to Muong Te district authorities, more than 1,000 local households with a total 5,000 people are living in the vulnerable areas. However, the district has only approved resettlement areas for roughly 400 households.

Landslides threaten hundreds of households in Lai Chau

Landslides threaten hundreds of households in Lai Chau.

So far this year, many landslides and hail storms have occurred in the locality, damaging houses and crops.

Cha Di Village is now home to 73 households located on high mountain slopes which are facing the possibility of flash floods and landslides whenever it rains heavily.

Ki Lu Ki, a local resident, said in many cases when it is rainy his family dare not stay overnight at their house. They hope that they can be early relocated to a safer place.

Lots of households in Na Phay Village have moved to a resettlement area, however, they are still worried because the area is situated by a big stream where some sections have not yet been consolidated by dykes.

Tong Van Thi, head of Muong Te District’s Board of Agriculture and Rural Development, said resettlement projects for households in risky areas are being carried out, but the pace remains slow which is partially due to capital shortages.

The problem has been submitted to higher levels for consideration to help speed up the projects which are estimated to need around the total investment of VND30 billion (USD1.3 million) per year.

Since the beginning of this year, Muong Te District has suffered total losses of around VND20 billion (869,565) due to landslides and hail.