03.07.2020, 23:55

Foreign investors poured VND 160 billion into the HOSE, adding a large deal to PLX

Trading statistics on session 3/7, foreign capital flows withdrew from HNX and UPCoM, however turned to HOSE. Accordingly, the total net buying value of the whole foreign market was 155 billion dong.

Statistics on HOSE, foreign investors net bought more than 159 billion but net sales volume of 349,690 units. The buying and selling values of foreign investors on HOSE accounted for 17.16% and 12.69% respectively of the market trading value.

Foreign investors poured VND 160 billion into the HOSE, adding a large deal to PLX

Source: Thu Thao

Top10 shares were bought by foreign investors, notably PLX with a value of 136.24 billion dong. Remarkably, the market saw an agreement trade of 2.7 million PLX shares, equivalent to 128 billion dong.

Besides, foreign investors gathered VHM and HPG shares of VND 35.56 billion and VND 35.18 billion, respectively. Foreign capital flows also focused on VRE (23.56 billion dong) and VNM (11.76 billion dong).

In addition, the same direction codes recorded a net buying of less than 10 billion dong such as MSN, HPX, SSI, KBC, NLG, and LIX.

Source: Thu Thao

On the contrary, Top 10 net sold codes, E1VFVN30 fund certificates were under selling pressure mainly from foreign investors with the value of 14.55 billion dong.

In the same direction, CTD saw a net withdrawal of 13.77 billion dong, followed by PVT (12.95 billion dong), POW (12.26 billion dong) and BID (9.58 billion dong). There were also BVH, DHC, DBC, GAS and AAA stocks.

On the HNX, foreign investors net sold 2.2 billion dong with a volume of 253,271 units.

On the net buying side, there were no stocks that recorded a value of over 1 billion dong. Some stocks attracted foreign capital flows such as AMV (VND 458 million), DNC (VND 381 million) and SHB (VND 314 million)

On the contrary, foreign investors focused on selling PVS (1.9 billion dong), SHS (1.2 billion dong), and LHC, ART, BCC, etc.

Similarly, trading at UPCoM, foreign investors’ net withdrawal was 1.9 billion dong and net selling volume was 96.892 shares.

On the net selling side, ACV code led with a value of nearly 2.3 billion dong. Next, foreign capital withdrawn from MCH (272 million dong), MFS (194 million dong) and HNM (118 million dong). In addition, foreign investors net sold HLG, WSB, QNS.

On the contrary, this group collected VTP and VEA VND 632 million and VND 219 million respectively. On the other hand, stocks that recorded net buying value during the session also included BCM, CTR, VRG.

Source: vietnambiz.vn