03.07.2020, 23:51

3/7 Securities: VHM managed to help VN-Index close to the highest level of the session

3/7 Securities: VHM managed to help VN-Index close to the highest level of the session

The market saw some codes traded over 100 billion dong but of these, only VHM (+ 1.17%) was the big pillar that could influence the market.

This code traded mostly in the morning and it was not until the afternoon that the big money gathered strength. The increase was not large, but it was a necessary participation when SAB (+ 4.9%) tried hard and did not really bring psychological effects to the general market.

As noted, today’s liquidity of SAB is the highest level in nearly 2 months. This is a remarkable effort from SAB.

Meanwhile, the general market is still quite hesitant to raise prices. LIX (+ 4.86%), BMP (+ 3.32%), DIG (+ 5.71%) were obviously more positive but still needed more codes to gather into the crowd effect.

VN-Index at the end of the session increased by 0.62% to 847.61 points, almost the highest level in the session. Liquidity remained weak with the volume of 203 million units, equivalent to VND 3,561 billion, including VND 481 billion in agreement.

The positive point about the cash flow was that foreign investors saw a net buying of 158 billion dong, in addition to PLX (+136 billion dong), VHM (+35 billion dong) was also bought.

For HNX, DGC (+ 3.3%), although gaining strongly still didn’t balance the dropping effect of SHB (-1.54%), ACB (-0.43%). The HNX-Index decreased by 0.05% to 111.55 points. The liquidity reached 31.47 million units, equivalent to 334.6 billion dong.

As for UPCoM, today only QNS (+ 2.4%), VEA (+ 2.6%), VRG (+ 7.4%) were the most active in large-cap group. The UPCoM-Index increased 0.66% to 56.26 points. The liquidity reached 31.51 million units, equivalent to VND 332 billion.

VCB (+ 0.5%), VNM (+ 0.8%), VIC (+ 0.6%), GAS (0%) did not record any further progress and were still behind the beginning of the session. However, the VN-Index is still anchored with an increase of 3.9 points (+ 0.46%) at 846.28 points.

This is largely due to SAB’s efforts (+ 4.3%). Compared to itself, SAB is trying hard when the liquidity in the morning was higher than the last 6 sessions, reaching 79,040 units.

However, this stock has never been considered a representative face of the general market. The role of SAB has often been seen as “supporting actor” for the pillars.

Therefore, almost psychology could not improve, the status of the sideways continued to maintain. Currently, only HDB (+ 6.28%) and PET (+ 5.94%) joined the group.

The liquidity at the end of the morning also increased only to 105.09 million units, equivalent to VND 1,769 billion of VND 145 billion.

On the HNX, the pillars of ACB (0%), NVB (0%), SHB (-0.77%) are still being pressed down. The HNX-Index only increased by 0.06% to 111.67 points. The liquidity reached 19.93 million units, equivalent to 223.23 billion dong.

Until 10am, the VN-Index increased by more than 4 points to 846.46 points. The main pillars only started slightly up like VIC (+ 0.9%), VNM (+ 0.8%), GAS (+ 0.9%) all increased below 1%.

These codes didn’t have much money to participate, so the trading value was only from 10 billion dong and it was even being outstripped by an average capitalization code in VN30 basket of CTD (+ 3.6%).

Even stocks with large transactions such as HPG (-0.18%) only traded more than VND 50 billion. This code also lost 1 share of the same industry, HSG (+ 2.13%) when having about 60 billion dong of trading and ranked 2nd on the exchange.

With these developments, the group Midcap and Penny should have enlisted the transaction. However, this group is finally very cautious waiting for Bluechip signal. Currently, stocks only gained moderately such as STB (+ 0.45%), SSI (+ 0.66%), PHR (+ 0.19%), FPT (+ 0.33%), and VHC. (+ 0.68%), AAA (+ 0.41%), DCM (+ 0.11%), KSB (+ 0.22%), GVR (+1.73%)

The market is relatively few stocks with a sudden increase and if any, it is also trading at a very low scale. Typically, the case of TNI (+ 6.09%) and JVC (+ 6.78%) were only less than 10 billion dong.

In general, the whole HOSE is very short of new money, the value of transactions in the first 1 hour has not reached 1,000 billion.

On the HNX, DGC (+ 2.53%), PVS (+ 0.83%), ACB (+ 0.43%) also tended to listen to HOSE. The HNX-Index increased by 0.56% to 112.08 points.

Source: bizlive.vn