02.07.2020, 23:45

TPBank was voted the best workplace in Asia 2020

TPBank has just been honored to be on the list of “Asia’s Best Workplace 2020” organized and voted by HR Asia – the leading magazine on Human Resources in Asia.

In order to survey and honor outstanding businesses for building a good working environment according to Asian standards, HR Asia has conducted thousands of surveys with the participation of more than 11,000 employees working at 300 enterprises from 12 countries and territories throughout Asia including Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam In Vietnam, there are 6 banks. Honored, including TPBank with outstanding voting results.

The survey showed that 97% of staff committed to sticking to the bank, 78% higher than the average of the banking industry. 94% of employees appreciate a healthy, inspirational working environment, while the industry’s index is recorded at 73%. 93% of TPBank employees are proud of the bank, believe in leadership and always feel respected and recognized in the working environment. In addition, the scores on facilities, welfare mechanisms, personnel training or promotion roadmap at TPBank are also rated very well.

This year, HR Asia implemented a specialized evaluation model – assessing the overall level of engagement (TEAM) with 6 criteria: Heart – Emotional attachment, Mind – Thoughts and motivation, Soul – Faith and attitude; Think – Collective Awareness, Feel – Workplace Emotions and Do – Collective Action. This model provides a holistic view, not only at the level of attachment of an individual employee, but also how the teams or departments are connected. Cohesion and satisfaction with the workplace depend on the initiatives and leadership of the company they work for.

TPBank was voted the best workplace in Asia 2020

Photo: Mr. Khuc Van Hoa – TPBank Deputy General Director speaking at the awards ceremony.

Representative of the Board of Directors of TPBank shared: “At TPBank, people are always the most valuable asset of the Bank. This award demonstrates the efforts in the sustainable human resource development strategy that TPBank is pursuing. Policies to attract talents, train, foster and develop human resources are always paid special attention to, employees at all levels are respected, listened to and facilitated to develop their capacity in a way.

In order to accurately assess the level of contribution to the work of each person, we have designed a program to recognize the labor productivity of more than 5,000 employees, ensuring each employee is always recorded in my job. In addition, internal activities movements to create a playground and cohesion of members are also continuously implemented, to create its own corporate culture and identity. ”

Source: ndh.vn