30.06.2020, 23:53

Stock comment 1/7: The market is too fragile

Stock comment 1/7: The market is too fragile

Back to 780-820 test area (Reduction)

The short-term downward pressure of the market still exists and the VN-Index is likely to continue to retest to test the strong support area at 780-820 points. However, BVSC also noted that the index might soon appear technical recoveries when approaching this support area in the next few sessions.

There will be technical cooldown (Increase).

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

The continuous fall of the market made technical indicators worse, the MA100 support level is quite fragile. However, MBS expects that there will be a technical recovery in the remaining sessions of this week. Stocks which have plummeted since the short-term peak (900 points) will be the address of cash flow.

Advocacy 820-825 (Neutral)

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

The liquidity in the market decreased slightly, the amplitude of fluctuations narrowed and the market breadth was negative, indicating that the correcting trend is weakening. VN-Index is likely to move in the zone of 825-850 in the next sessions.

Continue to decrease (Decrease)

(Vietnam Construction Securities Joint Stock Company -VNCS)

The downtrend is still dominant in this period, and it is likely to continue in the next sessions. Therefore, VNCS recommends investors continue to prioritize the position of standing outside the observation, and wait patiently for the market to retest the support areas before making investment decisions.

Struggling for a few sessions (Neutral)

(BOS Securities Company – ART)

ART said that the VN-Index may appear pulling around the current area for a few sessions, but the main trend is still down. The index is forecasted to continue under dropping pressure in the short-term and not except the possibility of falling to a deeper support zone at 790-800 points. Investors are recommended to observe the market at the moment.

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