29.12.2020, 13:47

196 customs procedures provided online public service at level 4

196 customs procedures provided online public service at level 4
The procedure for declaration cancellation in the National Single Window

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in 2020, the Customs sector has strengthened the IT application to meet the needsof the Government andleaders of the Ministry of Finance on enhancing the IT application and the achievements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and accelerating the building of an e-Government.

72 procedures connected to the National Single Window

The outstanding results include the promotion of online public service provision and integration into the National Public Service Portal.

By the end of 2020, the General Department of Vietnam Customs will haveprovided 202 of 238 online public services at level 3 and level 4, accounting for 85% of the tally of customs administrative procedures, of which 196 administrative procedures have been provided at level 4 (reaching arate of 82.4%).

Regarding the integration of online public service into the National Single Window, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has closely workedwith the Department of Administrative Procedures Control(under the Government Office) and other relevant units to complete the integration of 70 online customs public services into the National Single Window Portal. This has increased the tally of online customs public services provided on the National Single Window to 72.

The General Department of Vietnam Customs continues to workwith the Department of Administrative Procedures Control and Traffic Police Department under theMinistry of Public Security) to connect and exchange information of imported land vehicles to deploy procedures for granting the vehicle registration certificate on the National Public Service Portal, and proceed to abolish the procedures for confirming the origin declaration from 2021.

Expanding VASSCM

Regarding IT use, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has mobilised resources to complete the application and submit it to the Ministry of Finance for approval on aplan on hiring an IT system to meet the core customs operational requirements towards a digital customs.

The General Department of Vietnam Customs has built the e-Government architecture of the finance sector version 2.0 issued under Decision No.2323/QD-BTTT dated December 31, 2019 of the Ministry of Information and Communications and in accordance with the Government architecture of the finance sector. It is amending and supplementing the draft e-Government architecture of the Customs according to the consultation of agencies.

Another outstanding achievement of IT application is the expansion of the VASSCM across the country and the automated system for customs management at the airports.

As of December 15, the VASSCM has been deployed at 33 of 35 local customs departments and achieved many positive results. TGhe system has been deployed at 277 warehouse and port operators and 78 customs branches of 30 local customs departments.

The system has been deployed at 172 bonded warehouse operators and 59 customs branches under 23 local customs departments

It has also been deployed at three airports under the Ha Noi Customs Department.

Notably, the General Department of Customs has launched the National Single Window System for aircraft on entry and the Automated aviation customs supervision system for imported goods at NoiBai International Airport Customs Branch. The deployment of this system has contributed to creating a favourable investment environment for businesses, and ensuring Customs inspection and management.

In 2021, the General Department of Vietnam Customs will continue to pilot the National Single Window and the automated aviation customs supervision system at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (HCM City).

In addition, the General Department of Customs continues to promote e-tax payment through the connection with the IT systems of commercial banks and the State Treasury.

Currently, there are 44 commercial banks cooperating with Customs in revenue collection. Of which, 37 banks perform e-tax payment method, seven banks implement the pre-authorised tax payment programme, and the total revenue collected online accounts for 98.4% of total customs revenue.

From November 23, the General Department of Customs launched the e-system of tax exemption, reduction, refund, no tax collection andhandling overpaid tax across the country, contributing to accelerating the processing of tax exemption, reduction, and refund in an accurate manner at operational units.

For the official deployment of the e-seal system for customs supervision of goods subject to customs control and transported by containers, from June, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has expanded and handed over positioning seals to 14 local customs departments.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan