29.11.2020, 16:08

Quang Ninh tourism ecosystem transmits heat to the real estate market

The “symbiotic” tourism ecosystem in Quang Ninh is continuously adding products that bring new experiences, remove the prejudice of one-season tourism, and open up many opportunities for real estate investors. (Real estate) associated with resort tourism.

Breaking tourist congestion for a season

Businesses in the tourism sector, which default to Quang Ninh tourism in particular and the North in general, are difficult to break through like the southern provinces due to the tourist congestion of one season. However, what is happening in Quang Ninh recently shows that this concept is out of date.

With the strategy of strongly shifting the economy “from brown to green”, Quang Ninh is attracting more and more large corporations to “nest”, making tourism a key economic sector.

In particular, the methodical way of tourism of the “big men” has created a complete ecosystem, meeting all the needs of visitors regardless of summer or winter, turning inherent weaknesses into unique strengths. and are contributing to changing the economic structure of the heritage land.

Quang Ninh tourism ecosystem transmits heat to the real estate market

Ha Long tourism breaks the ‘bottleneck’ of a season with many new products. (Photo: SG).

At the seminar “From brown to green, Quang Ninh real estate took off” recently in Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Deputy General Secretary of Vietnam Real Estate Association cited the story of doing tourism in Russia, where The climate is extremely cold, or Egypt where the whole arid desert still attracts a lot of tourists to show that, if there is an attractive new product, tourism in the North, including Quang Ninh will not Only one season.

“I think that not only in the hot and sunny South has tourism advantages, Quang Ninh now also has many advantages and the projects that are developing here are on the right track,” Dinh said.

In mid-2020, when the country just experienced the first wave of disease COVID-19, Sun Group opened the Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh hot spring resort.

Immediately, this tourist area became a highlight of Quang Ninh tourism, because the number of visitors who book the experience here is always in a “full” state, guests who want to experience must book early.

This shows that the demand for hot mineral baths and healthcare for tourists is very high, especially in the winter, and this product of Sun Group has “hit the point” of the market.

Broadly speaking, this is an important piece, perfecting the picture of classy tourism – resort ecosystem that Sun Group has created in Quang Ninh for many years.

Investors are more and more interested in the state of development of a tourism ecosystem than on single products. (Photo: SG).

Coming to “mining land” every year, visitors will be surprised to find all experiences, from professional service style as soon as they step foot in Van Don International Airport, luxury resort at Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort, play jubilantly at the system of Sun World Ha Long Complex, shop at the shophouse in the shape of Hoi An ancient town or explore the wonders of the Bay from Ha Long International Passenger Port – Passenger Port Asia 2020 … and now to relax at “Little Phu Tang” in Quang Hanh.

Real estate investment, benefit the ecosystem

The tourist ecosystems “symbiotic”, not just pure hotels, resorts, condotels, but also include many other factors such as entertainment areas, urban areas, shophouse commercial townhouses … to meet the needs to experience a variety of visitors.

According to Professor Dang Hung Vo, Quang Ninh wants to develop strong tourism, it needs such symbiotic ecosystems.

“This real estate plus another real estate creates the attraction and comprehensiveness of a tourist destination. That way, it attracts foreigners and domestic tourists so that a tourist can experience many things once. This is an inevitable direction of development at present, although there are not many businesses with enough experience and budget to do it, “said Mr. Vo.

At the tourism ecosystem that Sun Group created in Quang Ninh, the elements in the ecosystem complement and resonate with each other, creating a strong attraction to visitors to have fun, experience and long-term relaxation. whatever the season of the year. This significantly increases the income from tourism and especially brings opportunities for real estate investors.

Tourism infrastructure elevates Quang Ninh real estate. (Photo: SG).

Commenting on the current real estate investment trend, Prof. Dang Hung Vo said that secondary investors are definitely more interested in the development status of a tourism ecosystem than single products, because they will reap more benefits.

“Thanks to the popularity of the ecosystem, investors do not need to spend too much advertising costs, just focus on exploiting the service because the ecosystem itself has a great attraction. Not to mention, when the system is very attractive.” With more and more developed ecology, the value of real estate will increase, then secondary investors – those who invest in each real estate unit in that tourism ecosystem will benefit”, Professor Vo said.

At Sun Group’s ecosystem in Quang Ninh, real estate projects such as the Mediterranean-style urban area of ​​Sun Grand City Feria, the European shophouse range of Sun Plaza Grand World trade complex are ready to be put into operation. Exploitation business next year are very attractive to investors.

In particular, according to the recently revealed information, the cluster of hot mineral villas adjacent to Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh in Quang Hanh (Cam Pha) planned to be invested by Sun Group is coming to the market, promising to be the product. Unique attracting investors in the coming time thanks to inheriting all the benefits that Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh service complex brings.

Source: vietnambiz.vn – Translated by fintel.vn