29.11.2020, 10:53

What do businesses expect from the customs authority?

What do businesses expect from the customs authority?

Hoang Quang Phong, Vice President of VCCI gave a statement at the Dialogue Conference on Tax and Customs Policies and Administrative Procedures 2020.

In the context that the global economy and production activities of businesses have been hit hard by Covid-19, the Customs sector has quickly supported, strongly applied IT and advised the competent authorities to provide instructions and remove problems to help the business community stand firm, minimize damage and risks, which has been highly appreciated by the business community.

Hoang Quang Phong, Vice President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), said that the Tax and Customs sectors play an important role in the production and business activities of enterprises, State revenue and the creation of an open and convenient business environment.

“The business community always recognized the strong reforms of the Ministry of Finance, specifically the Tax and Customs sectors, in accompanying, sympathizing, sharing and guiding procedures for businesses to comply with the provisions of the law. In particular, many problems of businesses have been understood, discussed and resolved by the Tax and Customs, bringing great peace of mind to the business community,” Phong said.

In recent years, the Ministry of Finance has always been a leading authority in administrative procedure reform. In particular, the Tax and Customs authorities have held conferences and seminars to promptly grasp the difficulties of businesses to provide solutions to remove them, especially amid the production and business activities of enterprises affected by Covid-19.

Vu Quang Tung, Head of Import-Export Department of Song Hong Garment Company,said that in the process of business production, the company has received practical support from Customs, helping the companyoperate stably and sustainably. Most specifically, in 2020, when the pandemic was spreading, most of the company’s production and business activities weredelayed, while many orders with foreign partners are affected.

However, with the great efforts and enthusiastic support of the management authorities, including Customs, the company has ensuredproduction kept pace with market demand. When implementing export procedures for the company’s orders, Customs officers have directly discussed with the company about new policies and instructed the company for fast customs clearance, reducing costs and helping businesses overcome difficulties.

For Hoang Huy Investment Services Joint Stock Company – a company engaged in import and export activities across Lang Son province for many year – 2020 is a difficult year for businesses, especially thoseengaged in import and export activities with China. However, customs has facilitated all operationsof the businesses across Lang Son Border Gate through fast customs clearance, helping the businesses put goods into production. Import and export businesses have highly appreciated the support by Customs.

Enterprises also expect thatcomments and problems of enterprises will be studied and answered by Customs. (In the photo: Enterprises raised problems at the dialogue conference on tax and customs policies and administrative procedures 2020). Photo: H.Nu

The representative of Hoang Huy Investment Services Joint Stock Company said with the goal to contribute to improving the knowledge of businesses in implementing customs procedures, Lang Son Customs issued a document showing notes in the customs procedures and disseminating them to enterprises, helping enterprises carry out the procedures smoothly. These efforts have provided a significant contribution to help businesses proactively prevent and overcome errors andfacilitate production and businessand development investment.

Emphasizing the role of Customs in import-export activities andcustoms clearance, businesses hope that from the reality of production and business activities, bottlenecks, problems reflected by businesses will be a premise for Customs to grasp, thereby, providing solutions to remove and support businesses, including solving problems related to specialized management agencies. In particular, it will also be a basis to help Customs focus on the reform of administrative procedures, to ensure that the reforms are carried out synchronously at all stages from developing the institutions, policies and laws to receiving and handling procedures.

Businesses said that the reformed customs policy will help businesses fulfill their obligations and comply with tax and customs regulations when participating in import and export activities.

In addition, businesses also expect that comments and problems of businesses will be studied and answered satisfactorily by the Customs in the spirit of administrative reform from management into service. When receiving comments, Customs should make amendmentstowards reforming and removing problems for people and businesses.

By Nu Bui/Ngoc Loan