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Masteri Waterfront bringing international standards with lifetime value

The home trend for buyers with international standards for the real estate market

Moving into the last quarter of 2020, the real estate market has risen again after taking a hit due to COVID-19. The real estate market regained momentum due to the significant changes in customers’ buying and investing behaviours.

Duong Thuy Dung, senior director of foreign-backed leading real estate consultancy firm CBRE, believes that after COVID-19, home buyers and investors would focus on holistic real estate projects. At the same time, the focus will be on high-quality project management in terms of maintaining a clean environment and keeping health a priority after the pandemic.

Masteri Waterfront bringing international standards with lifetime value
International standards and holistic real estate projects are in demand

The change in the market’s demands means high-end real estate projects quickly become of interest, especially those with international standards.

There has not been a clear definition for real estate products reaching international standards. In Vietnam, the Ministry of Construction only calls for a 20-criteria process to evaluate and categorise a real estate project’s ranking, divided into four groups: architectural planning, technical equipment, and infrastructure; social services and quality; management; and operations. There are three ranks with the highest requiring 18 out of 20 criteria to be met.

Youssef Akila, head of Design of Masterise Homes shared, “It is important to note that ‘world-class standards’ is not a slogan or a way for us to promote our products. It is in simple terms bringing in best engineering practices to the Vietnamese market, as well as bringing in tested design principles that aims to develop unmatched products.”

World-class real estate

Masterise Homes believes the factors that generate long lasting value and a world-class project are the combination of construction quality, future-proofed design, and an international standard of service.

In order to deliver international standards to Vietnamese people, Jason Turnbull – deputy managing director and CFO of Masterise Homes explains, “From the very beginning in the Vietnamese market, Masterise Homes had identified that our mission is to deliver international experiences and world-class living standards through partnerships with leading companies in the industry to develop timeless products.”

Masteri Waterfront brings world-class standards to Hanoi residents

With the first project in Hanoi – Masteri Waterfront – Masterise Homes has collaborated with leading international firms in architectural and landscaping. Tange Associates, a Japanese architectural and urban design firm, boats many world-famous projects such as the Olympic Aquatics Centre and Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Tange Associates took on the architectural design and delivered a top-class and future-proofed design. Studio HBA, a world-class interior design company from the US and renowned for their client list of 5-star luxury global hotels such as Hilton and JW Marriott, took on the interior design. Landscaping was handled by Belt Collins from the US, a master of landscape and planning with over 60 years of experience and over 2,000 successful projects.

Masteri Waterfront was recently honoured in PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2020 as Hanoi’s Best High-End Condo Development and Best High-End Condo Interior Design.

Masteri Waterfront has also partnered with popular Vietnamese singer Ha Anh Tuan. Tuan shared: “Ha Anh Tuan has met and talked with Masterise Homes’ development team and was impressed with the international vision and mission that the company wanted to achieve for Vietnamese real estate. Thanks to this positive energy, Ha Anh Tuan was inspired to join with Masterise Homes and bring both delight and value to the audience through every story told.”

Singer Ha Anh Tuan shared his inspired story with Masteri Waterfront in Hanoi

Not only does Masterise Homes have international partnerships, there is also a diverse workforce with staff from many countries across the globe, bringing different experiences to the table. “We view this as instrumental to bring in experience and balance needed to deliver world-class design to the Vietnamese market,” Youssef Akila shared.

Consistent with a customer-centric philosophy and their mission to bring international products and services to Vietnamese residents, Masteri Waterfront was developed by Masterise Homes and will deliver a superior, international product and elevate the living standards for Hanoi residents.

Located in the heart of Vinhomes Ocean Park, Masteri Waterfront, right in front of a 6.1-hectare saltwater lake and a 24.5ha centre lake with a white sand beach. With the combination of a two-layer amenities system and comprehensive customer service, Masteri Waterfront will become a sought after, high-end project for Hanoi residents.

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By Dinh Thuy