29.10.2020, 21:10

Floating bank shares: Exciting foreign fund transactions, securities proprietary trading and internal shareholders

A series of banking stock transactions have been registered by funds, securities companies and internal shareholders in recent weeks. Many banking codes were bought by internal shareholders, but many shares were sold by foreign funds in large volume.

Over the past weeks, the group of banking stocks has been the focus of the stock market with the sudden surge in price and liquidity. In that context, transactions of banking stocks of investment funds, securities companies, internal shareholders and related to insiders also took place actively.

Most recently, Tien Phong Securities JSC (TPS) registered to buy 5.1 million TPB shares of TPBank for the purpose of portfolio restructuring. The transaction is expected to be conducted from November 2 to December 1.

TPS does not currently own any TPB shares. If the transaction is completed, this securities company will hold 0.58% of TPBank’s charter capital.

It is known that Mr. Do Anh Tu is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of TPBank and concurrently holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of TPS. Currently, Mr. Tu owns nearly 35.6 million TPB shares, equivalent to 4.15% of the capital.

Previously, the Finnish investment fund, Pyn Elite Fund announced to sell 100,000 TPB shares. Trading will be done on October 12 by selling shares on the floor.

At ACB, two investment funds under Dragon Capital, related to Mr. Dominic Scriven, Member of the Board of Directors sold a total of more than 46.6 million shares from October 9 to October 13.

Specifically, First Burns Investments Limited has sold 32.9 million shares, reducing the number of holdings from 86.4 million to 53.5 million shares, equivalent to the ownership rate decreased from 4% to 2.48%.

Meanwhile, Asia Reach Investments Limited also completed the sale of 13.7 million shares, reducing the ownership from 68 million to 54.3 million shares, equivalent to the ownership ratio decreased from 3.15% to 2, 51%.

From October 9 to October 13, the stock market recorded more than 46.6 million shares of ACB with put-through transactions at VND 24,000 / share. At this price, the two funds of Dragon Capital collected about 1,100 billion VND after divesting capital.

Also related to ACB stock trading, another Dragon Capital fund, DC Developing Markets Strategies Public Limited Company (DCDMSPLC) registered to buy more than 2.8 million shares of ACB.

The transaction is expected to be done from October 12 to November 10, by matching or agreement method or / and through the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD).

Lien Viet Securities Joint Stock Company has recently successfully sold 3 million STB shares of Sacombank, completing 100% of the registered volume. Trading is done from August 31st to September 24th by matching order on the floor.

Price volatility of some bank shares in the past 3 months. (Source: VnDirect)

Along with the bustling transactions of foreign funds and securities companies, the internal shareholders and the shareholders related to the banks’ insiders also continuously bought and sold stocks in recent years.

Recently, MB said that Mr. Luu Trung Thai, CEO of the bank successfully bought 1 million MBB shares from October 21 to 23, bringing the total holdings to more than 2.54 million shares. It is estimated that the General Director of the bank has spent over 18 billion dong to own the above shares.

Previously, Mr. Vu Thanh Trung, who was just appointed to the Board of Directors not long ago, in charge of MB’s digital banking division, also registered to buy 1 million MBB shares, expected transaction time from 25 / 10 – November 26.

At VIB, Ms. Ngo Minh Hien – wife of Mr. Ho Van Long, Deputy General Director of VIB registered to buy 3.2 million shares of this bank to increase the ownership rate.

The transaction is expected to take place from October 12 to November 10 by matching order and agreement method. Before the transaction, Ms. Hien did not hold any VIB shares. Meanwhile, Mr. Long holds more than 3.9 million shares, equivalent to a holding rate of 0.43%.

Ms. Le Dieu Linh – wife of Mr. Hoang Linh, VIB Finance Director registered to buy 2.4 million shares with the aim of increasing the ownership rate. The transaction is expected to be carried out from October 14 to November 13, by matching and agreement method.

During the period from September 18 to October 18, Mr. Nguyen Van Trung, husband of Ms. Thai Ha Linh, and Chief Accountant of Techcombank successfully bought 575,520 TCB shares out of 1 million registered shares. It is estimated that Techcombank’s family member has spent about 13 billion dong on the transaction.

Contrary to the shareholders of MB, VIB and Techcombank, some leaders of VPBank and Saigonbank have registered to sell off their shares in these banks.

Specifically, from October 5 to October 23, 2020, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang, Director of Finance – Accounting Center and Chief Accountant of VPBank has sold 28,000 VPB shares, completing 100 % of subscriptions.

Previously, Mr. Pham Phu Khoi, Deputy General Director of VPBank also registered to sell more than 40,700 shares for personal finance purposes. Trading is expected to take place from September 28 to October 27, 2020 by matching order on the exchange.

At Saigonbank, although this bank’s shares have just been traded at UPCoM since October 15, two Deputy General Directors registered to sell their shares.

Accordingly, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Luy – Deputy General Director announced to sell nearly 248,000 shares, equivalent to 0.08037% of the bank’s charter capital. While Mr. Pham Hoang Hong Thinh also wants to sell all of his nearly 107,000 shares.

Source: vietnambiz.vn – Translated by fintel.vn