25.10.2020, 11:09

Top10 increase / decrease in week 19 – 23/10: Penny group, midcaps are popular

The stock market last week (October 19 – 23) saw AMD and their stock “FLC” surfacing on HOSE. Meanwhile, the spotlight on the price increase on the HNX was the small-cap and micro-cap stocks.

The stock market last week (October 19th – 23rd) continued to get better, especially the VN-Index rebounded 11 points in the last two sessions of the week. At the close of October 23, the VN-Index stopped at 961.26 points, equivalent to an increase of 1.9% and marked the 6th consecutive week of increase. Meanwhile, the HNX-Index increased by 1.34% to 141.7 points from the previous week.

AMD shares are popular on HOSE, MCP shows signs of distribution

The trend of increasing stocks prevailed on HOSE. Specifically, this floor recorded 249 gainers, outnumbering 161 losers and 59 unchanged stocks.

Extending the series of ceiling gaining sessions from last week, TTE shares of Truong Thinh Energy Investment took the lead in price increase rate with 4/5 sessions going to the ceiling, closing on October 23 at 11,000 VND / share.

Previously, this code experienced a decline from the peak of 19,000 VND / share in mid-August to 7,700 VND / share with the matched volume of only a few dozen units per session.

Along with the group of stocks “FLC family”, the ticker AMD of FLC Stone Investment and Minerals surged on HOSE, especially hit the ceiling price to 3,020 dong / share and white sellers in the last session of the week.

Some other pennny stocks such as VAF, TVB, CMV, and TCO also recorded a positive trading week with an increase rate of less than 20%. In the mid-cap group, CSM and CSV are the last two stocks to reach the top with an increase rate of 13.07% and 12.57%, respectively.

Source: LG compiled from FiinPro

After a period of warming up to the historic peak of 35,200 VND / share, MCP shares of My Chau Print and Packaging showed signs of entering the distribution phase when decreasing by 24.58% last week with three declines and two declines.

Similar developments, shares of Dai Thien Loc DTL also lost 11.39% of their value after topping the top rising prices on HOSE last week. In addition, shares of PTB and TDP started to cool down after gaining strongly earlier.

SZC shares of Sonadezi Chau Duc continued to distribute as prices continued to decline in the last three weeks, the rate fell 5.5% last week.

Top 10 stocks with the strongest decline on HOSE also had other stocks such as PIT, FDC, FUCVREIT fund certificates, HT1 and VNE.

Small-cap and micro-cap stocks took the throne on HNX

Similarly on HOSE, the number of increasing stocks overwhelmed the HNX with 87 stocks, while 62 stocks stood at reference price and 68 stocks declined.

Source: LG compiled from FiinPro

Except for SEB, the gainers on the HNX did not have much prominence since they were all small or micro cap stocks. Leading the increasing group is NFC shares of Ninh Binh Phosphate and SRA of Sara Vietnam with growth rate of 29.51% and 22.76% respectively.

Next was NGC shares of Ngo Quyen Export Seafood Processing with 4/5 sessions going up to ceiling price last week. However, this code was in control on HNX and was only traded on Friday session with not much liquidity.

The group of 10 stocks with the highest price increase on HNX also included VE4, SIC, CLM, KMT, PTS, DTD and SEB.

On the downside, PPY shares of Petroleum Phu Yen took the lead when losing 18.83% of its value in the past week. Following, two tickers VTC and BKC decreased by 18.18% and 16.42% respectively.

In cases of 10 – 15% discount last week, there are also stocks such as SLS, WSS, BXH, HKB, LM7, DZM and PGT.

MVY extended a series of ceiling-hitting sessions on UPCoM

Source: LG compiled from FiinPro

Starting a series of ceiling-hitting sessions from October 9, shares of MVY of Vinh Yen Environment and Urban Services continued to lead the rate of increase in price over the past week. Closing the session on October 23, the price of this code stopped at 16,100 dong / share, which increased by 71.28% from the previous week.

Stocks CTN and V11 ranked second in terms of price increase rate on the UPCoM market with 50%. However, these are two codes that are restricted from trading due to the loss of trading company from previous years.

The top 10 biggest gainers were also other small-cap stocks such as DRI, CHC, KGM, PKR, V15, ACS and SAP.

On the contrary, PND shares of PetroVietnam Nam Dinh Petroleum and SPB of Phu Bai Yarn led the way down when they both lost 40% of their value. The strongest losers on the UPCoM market also included TR1, H11, TOT, MTG, SHC, AG1, HPW and ABR at a rate of less than 30%.

Source: vietnambiz.vn – Translated by fintel.vn