25.10.2020, 00:37

Contrary to foreign investors, self-dealing securities companies bought back 1,379 billion dong in October 19-23

After 2 consecutive net selling weeks, the proprietary traders turned net buyers again in October 19-23. Proprietary investors strongly net bought stocks such as VIC, DIG, VNM, VRE or CTG.

At the end of the last session of the week (October 23), VN-Index stood at 961.6 points, corresponding to an increase of 17.96 points (1.9%) compared to the previous week. The HNX-Index increased by 1.88 points (1.3%) to 141.7 points. UPCoM-Index increased 0.06 points (0.09%) to 63.91 points.

Another positive point of the market in the last trading week was that the proprietary trading of securities companies (securities companies) returned to net buying after 2 consecutive weeks of net selling. Specifically, the proprietary traders on the HoSE bought 66.2 million shares, worth 2.202 billion VND, while selling 29 million shares, worth 823.5 billion VND. Total net buying volume was 37.2 million shares, equivalent to a net buying value of 1,379 billion dong.

Contrary to foreign investors, self-dealing securities companies bought back 1,379 billion dong in October 19-23

Stocks with the highest net buying (selling) value of proprietary traders. Source: FiinPro

VIC was strongly net bought by proprietary traders with a value of up to 350.8 billion, followed by DIG with a net buying of 139 billion. VNM, VRE and CTG all saw a net buying of over 100 billion dong. On the other side, EIB was sold the most but the value was not too large with 45 billion dong. TCB and REE were net sold at 33.8 billion and 11 billion dong, respectively.

Contrary to what happened to the proprietary trading of securities companies, foreign investors boosted their net selling to 2,462 billion dong on the HoSE, up 50% from the previous week, corresponding to a net selling volume of 72.7 million shares This is also the net selling week for the second consecutive session of this sector with a total value of 6,500 billion dong.

TCB was the code with the highest net buying by foreign capital with 142 billion dong HPG and VIC were net bought 129 billion dong and 104 billion dong respectively. Meanwhile, MSN was sold the most with 785 billion dong. Foreign investors sold a net of 491 billion dong DIG while this stock was bought strongly by securities companies. CTG and VHM were net sold at VND338 billion and VND297 billion, respectively, despite strong net buying by themselves.

Source: ndh.vn – Translated by fintel.vn