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Securities on June 24 through technical prisms

Securities on June 24 through technical prisms
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Continue to be under pressure of decline

(Bao Viet Securities Company – BVSC)

Ending the session today, VN-Index has dropped back below the SMA20. In addition, the MACD indicator on the daily time frame continued to decline again – warning that market risks may be under downward pressure. The ADX continued to decline to 26 – indicating a weakening of the market trend in the short term. In addition, the Stochastic Oscillator has entered the overbought area. Therefore, it is likely that the market will continue to experience dropping pressure in the coming sessions and fluctuate in the 830-870 area.

The 830-840 zone will act as a support area to help the market recover in case the index drops. On the other hand, the zone of 870-875 will be the nearest resistance area for recovery efforts of the market.

Continue to struggle

(Saigon-Hanoi Securities Company – SHS)

VN-Index decreased slightly today and the index closed at the level of 870 points (MA20). The short-term technical signal is negative with resistance at 870 points (MA20). The midterm technical signal is positive, with support at 835 points (MA50). In the long term, VN-Index is moving in bear market with the resistance level of 905 points (MA200). It is forecasted that in the next trading session on June 24, VN-Index may continue to struggle and accumulate around 870 points (MA50) to form the basis for the upcoming wave of wave 5.

HNX-Index dropped slightly today and the index currently closed below 115 points (MA20). The short-term technical signal is negative with resistance at 115 points (MA20). The mid-term technical signal is positive, with support at 111 (MA50). Regarding the long-term trend, HNX-Index is currently moving in bull market with the support at 106 points (MA200). It is forecasted that, in the next trading session on 24/6, HNX-Index may continue to struggle and accumulate around 115 points (MA50) to create a basis for the upcoming rally.

Test the resistance at 872 points

(Viet Capital Securities Company – VCSC)

Short-term technical signals of VN-Index, VN30, HNX-Index remained neutral while signals of VNMidcap and VNSmallcap maintained at a positive level. For VN-Index, this index is having MA20 resistance at 872 points and MA10 support at 865 points.

It is expected that tomorrow, the demand at the MA10 to support the VN-Index may push the market up again and the stock indices will retest the above resistances. This resistance for VN-Index and VN30 is the MA20, which is now at 872 points and 813 points, respectively. If it can overcome these resistances, the VN-Index, VN30 will have the opportunity to extend the momentum to conquer the MA200 resistance at 905 points and 845 points again. On the contrary, if the demand is not strong enough to help VN-Index maintain support at 865 points tomorrow, this index will return to the downward trend with support at 850 points and 830 points, respectively. Accordingly, short-term investors should only reopen the exploration position if the VN-Index can surpass the 872 points, prioritizing stock codes.

The trend is not clear

(Rong Viet Securities Company – VDSC)

Currently, VN-Index surpasses 860 but weakening momentum. Although the index still maintained above the EMA 12 at 865. But the MACD is losing the positive signal, the ADX indicator is shrinking, showing that the market is moving sideways at 860-875 and preparing for a trend.

HNX-Index continues to accumulate around 112-117 area. The ADX is still uptrend, but the MACD is losing the positive signal. It shows that HNX-Index will not change much around 112-117 area.

Recommendation: At present, the main indicators have not shown a clearer trend and the risk is still increasing with the existing high selling pressure. VDSC recommends that investors be cautious or enter the market when there is a clearer trend.

The chances of further expansion of the recovery span remain open

(KB Vietnam Securities Company – KBSV)

The VN-Index continued struggling within a small range and is still affected by the resistance around 870. The technical state remains neutral and although KBSV does not expect the possibility of a further breakout. Despite a strong break, the opportunity for further expansion of the recovery span is still open with the next resistance zone at 880-885. Investors are recommended to temporarily close short-term positions, wait for signals to confirm a clearer trend before buying again.

Need time to accumulate

(Mirae Asset Vietnam Securities Company – MASVN)

The volume is more positive than the last 5 sessions, besides, testing the 20-day moving average needs time to accumulate and the 870 level will be a short-term resistance level for the VN-Index.

Investors should only consider the statements of securities companies as a reference source. Securities companies all recommend disclaiming liability for these statements.

Source: ndh.vn

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