20.10.2020, 11:18

Nation racks up trade surplus of US$17.3 billion by mid-October

Phones and components lead the groups that record over US$1 billion in export turnover each in the first half of October

In line with these figures, Vietnam raked in US$12.72 billion from exports while spending US$11.92 billion on imports throughout the reviewed period.

Overall, its total import-export turnover between the beginning of the year to October 15 reached more than US$413 billion, of which US$215.25 billion was generated from exports and US$197.93 billion from imports.

Most notably, phones and components topped the list of commodities with an export value of US$2.63 billion in the first half of October. They were followed by computers, electronics and components with US$1.96 billion, and textiles and garments with US$1.28 billion.

Simultaneously, import turnover of computers, electronics and components reached over US$3 billion during the reviewed period, followed by machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts with US$1.58 billion.