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NutiFood soymilk is available on Walmart stores

Into Walmart – The new landmark for NutiFood

Walmart is a famous American retail brand and is one of the largest retailers in the Chinese market today. In the country with the highest population in the world, Walmart has more than 450 supermarkets (point of sale) nationwide. Becoming the first soy milk brand in Vietnam allowed to be distributed in the Walmart hypermarket chain helps NutiFood better reach 1 billion consumers in China. This is the next step of NutiFood in bringing high quality products to potential markets around the world under the Walmart system.

NutiFood soymilk is available on Walmart stores

To be able to successfully cooperate with the “giant of the retail industry”, NutiFood had to pass more than 250 strict standards set by Walmart. In addition to high standards of production and raw materials, NutiFood also has to meet all requirements regarding transport security, company policies for employees, contractors, partners, and standards of social responsibility

Sharing about the newly achieved success, Dr. Tran Thi Le, General Director of NutiFood, said: “Meeting all the strictest conditions set by Walmart is a proud achievement for its efforts. The continuous force of NutiFood’s staff and employees in Vietnam as well as in the US and Sweden This is an important step of NutiFood on the journey of implementing the strategy of raising high nutritional standards for Vietnamese people and reaching out to the world, bringing high quality products to Vietnamese in particular and to consumers in many other countries in general “.

Vietnamese products, international standard quality

In China, soymilk is the favorite drink of millions of people, the total output of soy milk consumption in this country is up to 15 billion liters / year, along with the high requirements for milk quality. Understanding that, before entering the Chinese market, NutiFood had a long time doing market research to find out the taste, taste as well as a communication strategy to reach consumers. Nuti soymilk products are distributed in a system with suitable packaging for customers in the host country.

In addition, NutiFood has invested in and upgraded the factory according to the most modern technology such as: 2-time extraction technology to help keep the fresh taste, nutritional value in each bean Raw material Materials for production are also selected by NutiFood from the highest quality soybean seeds.

Improving the quality of international standards

Not only available at the shelves of Walmart (China), Nuti soymilk has also been distributed in supermarkets in the US. Previously, NutiFood also shook hands with many partners, a multinational corporation in nutrition to raise quality standards and bring Vietnamese products to the international market.

At the beginning of 2018, NutiFood successfully conquered the “visa” to the US when it was certified by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA for the Pedia Plus product line and put the product “on the shelf” at supermarkets of America. This is an important step to help NutiFood standardize the entire operation system and product quality to best meet the strict requirements of the world’s leading prestigious standards from FDA.

Then, NutiFood cooperated to build a dairy factory in Sweden to have high quality organic nutrition products for Vietnam and the European market. Sweden is a world leading strict on organic standards and has very good natural climatic conditions for the development of livestock production, especially dairy cows. NutiFood Research Institute of Nutrition in Sweden was also established later, bringing together a team of prestigious European doctors and nutritionists, creating a great push to bring nutritional standards as well as expertise of the team. NutiFood research and development to new heights.

Recently, under the consultation of NutiFood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden, NutiMilk dairy farm has produced 3.5g of protein and 4.0g of fat per 100ml. This is also the source of milk used as raw material to produce high quality 100-point NutiMilk fresh milk equivalent to the imported milk that NutiFood recently launched to the market in mid-September.

T. Anh

Source: nld.com.vn – Translated by fintel.vn