14.10.2020, 17:56

Seminar highlights development of value chain for agricultural exports

The development of value chain is expected to help farm produce to make further inroads into foreign markets

The ultimate aim of the event is to share experience in developing a co-operative model in association with value chains, promote efforts to boost the export of agricultural products to the global market, and identify opportunities and challenges faced by the co-operative sector when participating in the value chains.

Nguyen Van Thinh, vice chairman of the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, expressed hope that the occasion will provide an ideal forum in which co-operatives can come together and share difficulties when joining the value chain, in addition to making useful recommendations for the co-operative area.

Prof. Dr. Adreas Stoffers, country director of FNF in Vietnam, expressed his delight at the success of Vietnamese co-operatives in recent years, adding that they will make a significant contribution to helping local farm produce meet export requirements when joining the international value chain.

During the course of the seminar, delegates shared their experience in building a network that is capable of exporting domestic agricultural products to the Chinese market with the involvement of the local co-operative sector, in addition to going over the application of digital platforms in developing the value chain for farm produce.

By June there were a total of 25,282 co-operatives nationwide, with agricultural co-operatives accounting for 64% of the figure.