23.06.2020, 08:19

Quang Ninh thermal power plant accused of causing air pollution

Quang Ninh Province People’s Committee was asked to investigate the case where many households accuse a local thermal plant of causing air pollution.

Quang Ninh thermal power plant accused of causing air pollution

Mangrove forest in Dong Rui

The air quality in Dong Rui Commune noticeably worsened recently as the dust concentration gets thicker. Since the dust was blown to the residential areas and Dong Rui Mangrove Forest from Cam Pha City, many people suspected that the pollution may be caused by Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant.

In 2017, when Mong Duong Plant entered trial run, it also caused serious air pollution. The situation improved after the Department of Natural Resources and Environment worked with the plant’s leaders.

According to the locals, in the early mornings, their floors and furniture are often covered in a layer of ash-like dust. It would turn black when they swept the floors.

The dust often came with the winds from Cam Pha City to Tien Yen District from the afternoon to the early morning. Since Tien Yen District authorities don’t have the authority to investigate the pollution source in Cam Pha City, they have reported the case to the Quang Ninh People’s Committee to find the source of the pollution.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment were asked to work with the Department of Construction, Department of Industry and Trade, the authorities in Tien Yen District and Cam Pha City to carry out the investigation, and adopt a plan to improve the air quality and deal with the violator.

They must report back in May but as of now, the investigation has yet to yield any results and the deadline was extended.

“Air pollution is still threatening the people in Dong Rui,” said Loc Van Sinh, chairman of Dong Rui Commune People’s Committee.