28.09.2020, 23:45

Dong Nai approved the planning of 1,128 adjacent land plots for the resettlement project

The resettlement area in Nhon Trach district will have a size of 12,000 people and an area of more than 44 hectares.

A resettlement project in Dong Nai. (Photo: dongnai.gov.vn).

Dong Nai People’s Committee has just approved the detailed plan of the resettlement area in Phuoc An commune, Nhon Trach district on an area of 444,103.5 m2, with a population of about 12,000 people.

North of the resettlement area is adjacent to the N29 internal road in the residential area of the center of Phuoc An commune; the East borders on Nguyen Van Cu Street; the West borders on the residential area as planned. The Phuoc An resettlement area in Phuoc An residency planning with a total area of more than 140 hectares has been approved.

Out of the resettlement site’s 44.4 ha area, about 22.8 ha is reserved for residential land construction, including 1,128 townhouses, one social housing apartment building and two commercial buildings.

The remaining land area is used for construction of educational facilities, administrative offices, commercial services, greenery land, technical infrastructure land and traffic land.

For adjacent houses, Dong Nai province allows construction with a height of 2-6 floors, social housing apartments with 6-9 floors, commercial and service buildings with 9-12 floors.

At the position adjacent to Nguyen Van Cu and N4, the resettlement area will be arranged with commercial and service housing. Land plots with symbols CX2, CX3 are used to build the central park.

The project was assigned by the People’s Committee of Dong Nai province to the People’s Committee of Nhon Trach district as an investor with capital from the provincial budget.

Source: vietnambiz.vn – Translated by fintel.vn