28.09.2020, 14:24

Experts support To Lich River revival plan

Some Vietnamese experts have advocated a plan to turn Hanoi’s To Lich River into a recreational area with investment from Japan.

The plan is based on a Japan-Vietnam Environment Company (JVE)’s proposal submitted to Hanoi authorities.

According to Dr Nghiem Vu Khai, a member of the National Assembly’s Committee for Science, Technology and the Environment, the plan was a good idea to help give the long-polluted river a facelift and sustainable future contributing to the capital city’s development.

Experts support To Lich River revival plan

The model of renovated the To Lich River

The river runs through many of Hanoi’s areas and has great value for the city.

Prof. Dr Tran Hieu Nhue, head of the Institute of Water Engineering and Environmental Technology, said that it was important to clean the river water first, which means a feasible waste treatment solution.

The Vietnam Archaeology Association’s Chairman Tong Trung Tin said that once the project was implemented, the river would become an attractive site for the city. He cited some countries, including South Korea and Japan as typical examples in this.

Under the proposal, JVE is working out the comprehensive plan to restore the To Lich River through treating sewage before being discharged into the river, giving the river clean water, dealing with the mud on the riverbed and developing tourism.

The company would continue seeking the opinions from scientists and experts for the plan.

Last year, the pilot project to tackle pollution in the To Lich River and a part of the West Lake with nano-bioreactor technology was conducted by JVE. But, during the rainy season in July 2019, water from West Lake surged above the safety level and was released into the To Lich River and washed away the newly-formed microbiota.