26.09.2020, 21:26

Over 1,200 backlog containers of goods at Cat Lai Port cleared

Goods at Cat Lai Port. Photo: T.H

According to Long, after seven days of implementing solutions and working with agencies, as of the end of September 23, the branch has processed 132 independent transport declarations and released 1,216 containers of transited goods at the port. Currently, there are only 29 containers at Cat Lai port.

To facilitate the implementation of procedures and the customs clearance of goods in transit by inland waterways, the branch has recommended some contents with businesses.

The branch has suggested Saigon Newport Corporation load and unload goods in transit into private areas to facilitate the inspection and supervision of Customs.

At the same time, the company should inform the branch about the location, area and quantity of container, site map and surveillance camera system at the site for the location survey because currently, only open ports store transit and transshipment goods. Notify the list of transited goods containers when loading and unloading in the ports and the list of transit goods containers that are left at the port so the branch can take the initiative in inspecting, monitoring and implementing procedures for businesses.

Arrange goods containers with seals of shipping lines outward to facilitate customs officers in inspecting and checking seals. For means of transport in, out and anchoring at the port, the Saigon New Port Company shall notify the branch of the name, vehicle number, date and time of entry and exit, so it can inspect and supervise the loading and unloading of means of transports at the port.

Businesses dealing in goods transit services should coordinate with the seal inspection business because they are responsible for transporting and delivering goods to the receiver. If there is a wrong seal, broken seal, or loss of a seal, the businesses must notify customs authority and port operator to handle. In addition, businesses must strictly comply with regulations on customs procedures for goods in transit.

Businesses are not allowed to move vehicles to other ports for loading, unloading, transshipment of goods; nor anchor and stop vehicles for loading, unloading, transshipment of goods during transportation.

If the businesses transport other goods together with transit goods or move the means of transport to the other ports, stop means of transport during the transport of goods in transit for loading or unloading, transshipment, the businesses must send a document to the General Department of Vietnam Customs and Ministry of Finance.

By Le Thu/Ngoc Loan