26.09.2020, 12:29

Hundreds in Nha Trang City faces landslide risk

Hundreds of households living at the foot of a mountain in Nha Trang are fearing for their lives after a previous landslide killed 10 people.

Hundreds in Nha Trang City faces landslide risk

The aftermath of the 2018 landslide still visible.

Thanh Phat and Thanh Dat villages are still affected by the previous landslide as many houses haven’t been repaired from a landslide in November 2018. Le Thi Kim Dung said she lost her parents in the flood and landslide.

“When our house was flooded, my parents went to the adjacent house which was much higher. But a landslide occurred and buried my parents in that house,” she said. “We were told to move out of this village but where can I go?”

According to many villagers, they only live in the village when the weather is nice. When there are storms and flooding, they will move somewhere else. They hope that the authorities will build a resettlement area for the villagers.

Tran Thi Gai, another villager, said, “We don’t dare to stay there during the rainy season. We heard that this village will be relocated and we also hope to move somewhere else and settle down.”

Bui Cao Phap, vice chairman of Phuoc Dong Commune said on September 23 that Nha Trang City People’s Committee has made plans to relocate nearly 700 households in Thanh Phat and Thanh Dat villages. The plan has been submitted to the Khanh Hoa Province People’s Committee and is still being reviewed and adjusted.

According to the plan, the villagers will be moved to Phuoc Ha resettlement area in Phuoc Dong Commune. The housing prices will vary depending on the situation and cases.

“That’s the idea but we haven’t reached any agreement for more detailed planning yet,” he said.