25.09.2020, 20:50

Nearly 270 enterprises violate policies of specialised inspection

Nearly 270 enterprises violate policies of specialised inspection
Inspection ogg goods at Cat Lai port. Photo: T.H

According to HCM City Customs Department, by the end of August, there were 266 enterprises violating specialised management policies. Among the enterprises, there were 251 violating the policy of customs management for goods that have been brought back for preservation while awaiting the results of specialised inspection, but it exceeded the deadline of 30 days for submitting the results by the enterprise.

Besides that, 15 firms that submitted overdue specialised inspection results were sanctioned for administrative violations by the HCM City Customs Department, and were not allowed to take goods back for preservation within six months of the date of the issuance of the sanctioning decision.

Notably, in the list of enterprises violating the management policy on specialised inspection this time, many firms owed the results of specialised inspection in the field of registry.

HCM City Customs Department has sent the list of violating enterprises to the local customs units in the whole country to coordinate to perform the enforcement for enterprises violating specialised inspection.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thụy