21.06.2020, 23:37

Week of stock market (June 15 – 19): Bustling new warrants, CHPG2009 doubled in price

The stock market last week recorded the excitement between maturing warrants and putting them into new transactions. Notably, CHPG2009 increased nearly twice in price in the first week of listing.

Week of stock market (June 15 – 19): Bustling new warrants, CHPG2009 doubled in price

The CHPG2009 certificate (Hoa Phat stock) nearly doubled in price after the first trading week. Artwork: Son Tung.

Expiry of the first 15 warrants in 2020

Trading week 15 – 19/6 recorded 15 stocks of warrants due to the expiry date, these are the first warrants issued in 2020 by MB Securities companies (MBS), KIS Viet. Nam and Ho Chi Minh City Securities (HSC).

At the last trading day, all of these 15 stocks were in a position of loss of position, the lowest was 0.9% and the largest was 90.5%.

Specifically, MBS matured 2 warrants CFPT1908 and CREE1905 with initial break-even prices of VND 63,450 / share and VND 41,050 / share respectively. At the end of the period, two stocks FPT and REE stopped at VND 47,000 / share and VND 31,400 / share, equivalent to a position loss of 25.9% and 23.5% respectively.

KIS stock matures 4 warrants including CDPM2001, CHDB2001, CROS2001 and CSTB2001. Notably, CROS2001 warrants lost most of their value with a loss position of up to 90.5%; when the breakeven price was VND 32,468 / share and the maturity price was only VND 3,090 / share.

HSC stocks also matured 9 warrants based on FPT, GMD, MBB, MWG, REE, TCB, VNM, VPB, and VRE stocks. After this maturity, the official stock market no longer has the presence of GMD warrants because this stock has been removed from the VN30 portfolio.

The first 15 warrants issued in 2020 stopped trading due to the expiry date, all in a position of loss of position. Source: HOSE.

HSC and SSI stocks added 21 new warrants

Immediately after the maturity of 9 warrants, HSC Securities added 13 new codes based on FPT, HPG, MBB, MSN, MWG, PNJ, REE, TCB, VHM, VJC, VNM, VPB and VRE stocks. . These codes have a term of 6 months, the issuance price ranges from 1,000 VND / cw to 2,100 VND / cw.

After the first week of trading, there are currently 3 stocks that have been able to keep their position, including CHPG2009, CTCB2006 and CVRE2006. This is partly due to the breakout trend of HPG, TCB and VRE base stocks in recent sessions.

On the contrary, many warrants are suffering losses at double digits such as FPT, MSN, VJC VPB, MWG, and PNJ warrants. In which, code showing the biggest loss is CFPT2006 with 21% depreciation.

Stocks of HSC and SSI added 21 new warrants to official trading, most of them are in a position of losing position. Source: HOSE.

Along with HSC, SSI Securities also added 8 new warrants into the official trading including HPG, MWG, STB, TCB, VHM, VNM, VPB and VRE warrants. These warrants are mostly in a position of losing position of over 10%, the most positive code is CSTB2004 with 4%.

Stock market has differentiated over the past week

Regarding the happenings in the past week, the warrants recorded a divergence with the advantage of the downtrend, of which 46 stocks declined, 16 stocks rose and 2 stocks remained the same.

In that context, CHPG2009 broke right in the first trading week, with a nearly doubling from VND 1,600 / cw to VND 3,180 / cw. The positive of this code was recorded when HPG stock finished its correction and turned up strongly again, by the end of the week, it increased by 3.2% to 27,350 VND / share.

Besides, banking group also saw a flourish at CTCB2006 (69.2%); CSTB2004 (59.3%) or CMBB2006 (25.5%).

The “Vingroup” securities group also traded actively, especially after the KKR-led investor group, including Temasek, spent VND15,100 billion (approximately US $ 650 million) to buy about nearly 6% of Vinhomes.

The CHPG2009 certificate recorded yields nearly double after the first week of trading. Source: HOSE.

In the opposite direction, many warrants turned down sharply, led by CMSN2005 by 38.1% from 2,100 dong / cw to 1,300 dong / cw. Many other codes also lost over 30% of their value such as CMWG2006, CVPB2003, CVJC2002, CMBB2004 and CVIC2002.

In other developments, VIC’s warrants also dropped despite the breakthrough of VIC shares in the last trading session of the week. Specifically, CVIC2002 warrants belonged to the top10 when they lost 20.8% from VND 390 / cw to VND 270 / cw; CVIC2001 certificate also dropped by 2.6% to VND 1,140 / cw.

Many stocks declined over 30% in the past week. Source: HOSE.

Foreign investors continued to be net sellers

With prudent trading psychology, market liquidity decreased significantly in the past week with a trading volume of 35.8 million units, down 33.7% from the previous week; The trading value also dropped by 29.3% to 41.7 billion dong.

On the other hand, foreign investors continued to net sell nearly 1 million units, equivalent to 1.19 billion VND. In particular, this sector purchased more than 6 million units and sold more than 7 million units, accounting for over 17% of the total market liquidity.

Foreign investors net sold nearly 1 million units or nearly VND 1.2 billion last week. Source: HOSE.

Source: vietnambiz.vn