18.03.2023, 08:56

500 bond codes issued by TCBS have been paid in full and on time


A bond batch worth VND3 trillion ($127.17 billion) belonging to Masan Group, the large conglomerate that includes WinMart and Techcombank as its subsidiaries, saw interest and principal payments paid on time in March 2023. The bond batch was issued in 2020 and advised by Techcom Securities (TCBS).

TCBS are set to launch iBond Protect later this month with payment guarantees from Techcombank to ensure protection for investors. This is helpful timing as the market is in the beginning phase of recovery.

TCBS will implement a private placement of shares with Techcombank for an amount greater than VND 10 trillion ($424 million) to raise capital in 2023. Currently, TCBS's capital adequacy ratio is at the top of the list and is well above the regulatory requirement of 220 per cent.

In December 2022, TCBS signed an unsecured loan syndication contract worth $125 million, bringing the total mobilised value of their exposure to the international capital market to more than $300 million over the past year. The move is part of TCBS's plan to promote the diversification of unsecured loans from foreign institutions, considered to be more stable and long-term with stricter criteria.

In addition, TCBS has announced several preferential policies to support customers, such as free trading of stocks, derivatives, warrants, and listed fund certificates. The policies are applied to both new and existing customers who have an account at TCBS. The firm has also diversified margin loan packages with attractive interest rates starting at just 0.5 per cent per year.