17.02.2023, 23:50

General Director of FLC apologizes to shareholders


General Director Bui Hai Huyen has just sent an apology letter and affirmed that the interests of shareholders are still fully guaranteed while trying to put shares on UPCoM soon.

After three days since the stock was delisted by the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE), FLC Group Joint Stock Company (FLC Group) has just made an official announcement to explain and reassure shareholders.

At the beginning of the announcement, Ms. Bui Hai Huyen – General Director of FLC – said that the delisting of FLC shares is an unacceptable event and brings discomfort and frustration to shareholders.

“Therefore, the Board of Directors and Board of Management of FLC would like to send our most sincere apologies to shareholders. FLC also hopes that shareholders will sympathize with the difficulties that the business is facing and also hope that shareholders will continue to continue to accompany during this period,” the document stated.

According to Ms. Huyen, after the shares are delisted on the HoSE, shareholders are still fully guaranteed their rights in accordance with the provisions of the Enterprise Law and the company’s charter. In all cases, shareholders have full ownership and disposal rights for the shares owned by FLC.

At the same time, shareholders are also entitled to participate in the general meeting of shareholders, have the right to vote, nominate and stand for election to the Board of Directors in accordance with the law and the company’s charter.

Currently, Ms. Huyen said that FLC’s Board of Directors and Board of Management are making efforts to promote information disclosure roadmaps in accordance with regulations, as well as quickly carry out the necessary procedures so that the shares of this corporation can soon be traded on the UPCoM system.

In addition, FLC leaders said that they will announce the first trading day of FLC shares on UPCoM as soon as it is approved by the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) for trading registration.

Previously, on February 14, the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HoSE) issued a decision to cancel the listing of 710 million FLC shares due to serious violations of the obligation to disclose information and other cases. Therefore, the Department and the Securities Commission consider it necessary to delist this stock to protect the interests of investors.

Just a few hours after the above announcement, FLC also petitioned the regulatory agencies to reconsider the decision to delist when explaining that the breach of information disclosure was due to force majeure circumstances.

In today’s announcement, the leader of FLC also presented a series of difficulties that prevented businesses from disclosing information in accordance with regulations after former Chairman Trinh Van Quyet and Ms. Standing Chairman of the Board of Directors was arrested at the end of March 2022 and the beginning of April 2022.

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