14.02.2023, 08:10

North-central Vietnamese province exports organic rice to Europe for first time

Local farmers began cultivating organic rice in 2017 with a special process and criteria.

They do not use plant protection drugs, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified varieties, flavoring agents, preservatives, and chemical bleach.

According to the Quang Tri People’s Committee, its organic rice meets 821 quality criteria set by Vietnamese agencies before being accepted by the European market.

In addition, Japan’s Hiroshima University announced that the rice has two valuable compounds—Momilactone A and Momilactone B, which help prevent diabetes, gout, and obesity.

Ha Sy Dong, standing vice-chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, said the province’s export of organic rice to Europe is a new landmark for its agriculture.

“Farmers growing organic rice in the province will benefit as they can improve their living conditions and incomes,” Dong added.