02.12.2022, 08:09

Hundreds of firms gather at WinCommerce’s supplier conference 2022

This year, WinCommerce expanded its network by opening 10 new WinMart supermarkets and 777 new WinMart+ convenience stores.

It has also successfully launched its WINLife ecosystem, opened nearly 100 WIN stores, and attracted over 500,000 customers to join the WIN membership program as of November this year.

Following this growth, the company plans to open more than 1,500 outlets in 2023, sending its total supermarkets and convenience stores in all 63 localities nationwide to 5,000.

Thus, it can serve 100 million Vietnamese consumers well and improve its revenue dramatically.

Speaking at the supplier conference, Danny Le, CEO of Masan Group, said “Despite multiple difficulties, WinCommerce has continuously expanded, invested in and innovated its operation to become a leading necessity retailer.”

“In 2023, we will expand the WIN membership program to our entire system to take the number of WIN members to 10 million, and develop the goods supplier partnership model as well as financial products.

WinCommmerce sets a target to connect 30-50 million Vietnamese consumers through 8,000 supermarkets and stores and the leading partnership model, and increase the revenue from online sales to 10 percent of the total revenue and the number of daily customers from 600,000 to two million by 2025,” Danny added.

Nguyen Thi Phuong, permanent deputy general director of WinCommerce, shared that “With great efforts, WinCommerce is currently the only retailer in Vietnam to develop both online and brick-and-mortar supermarkets and multi-purpose convenience stores, satisfying the shopping demand of various customers.

“Aiming to serve 100 million Vietnamese consumers, WinCommerce will further expand our network, and focus on the development of WinMart+ convenience stores in suburban areas and the WINLife ecosystem in urban areas.”

WinCommerce will work over the next year to optimize the effectiveness of its supply chain by reforming the product portfolio of WinMart supermarkets and WinMart+ convenience stores, developing a price stability strategy to boost sales, learning about the consumption culture in rural and urban areas to draw up appropriate product development plans, and renovating the packaging to improve the efficiency of good transport and display activities.

The company’s top priority is to enhance the strong cooperation with suppliers, develop database, and understand customers to increase revenue.

In particular, the firm will improve its understanding about customers through big data and join hands with suppliers to come up with products meeting consumers’ demands.

In addition, it is required to access target markets to help suppliers accurately access customers in a multi-channel environment, digitalize customers’ experiences, and open online sale channels for suppliers.

The WinCommerce supplier conference 2022 once again affirms the win-win partnership between WinCommerce and suppliers.

WinCommerce will join forces with its suppliers to build a detailed plan to modernize the retail sector in Vietnam and improve consumers’ life quality amid the gradual shift to modern consumption.