30.11.2022, 23:16

470,000 workers reduced working hours and lost jobs

Up to now, there are 30 enterprises that owe salaries of 6,946 employees with a total amount of 110,227 billion VND. It is forecasted that in the coming time, many workers will continue to be underemployed and lose their jobs.

470,000 workers reduced working hours and lost jobs

In the last months of the year, many businesses are missing and cutting orders. Photo: Pham Ngon.

At an online conference to assess the situation of businesses having orders cut, labor contracts terminated for employees, a representative of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor said that in the last months of the year, many businesses are missing, cutting orders, causing hundreds of thousands of workers to have their working hours reduced and their jobs lost.

According to preliminary statistics of this agency, in the first 10 months of the year, 122,100 enterprises were dissolved or suspended, many workers lost their jobs. About 1,235 enterprises in 44 provinces and cities affected by production and business had to cut workers.

About 472,214 employees in enterprises were affected, of which 41,556 people lost their jobs (accounting for 8.80%), 430,665 people reduced their working hours (accounting for 91.20%) including reduced daily working hours, alternate days, paid leave, unpaid leave, and temporary suspension of labor contracts.

Up to the present point, there are 30 enterprises that owe salaries of 6,946 employees with a total amount of 110,227 billion VND; 121 enterprises owe social insurance of 32,315 employees with a total amount of 237,932 billion VND.

This agency forecasts that in the coming time, the production and business situation of enterprises will continue to face difficulties, orders will continue to be cut, possibly by the end of the first quarter, even the second quarter of 2023, leading to many people labor continues to be understaffed, job loss, seriously affecting income and life.

According to general information, it is expected that in December and the first months of 2023, 667 businesses will continue to reduce working hours of 271,736 employees and 88 businesses plan to further reduce 15,769 employees.

Faced with the difficult situation of hundreds of thousands of workers, the General Confederation of Labor requested the trade unions directly under them to take the initiative in fully and promptly grasp the difficult situation, shortage, cut orders of enterprises, the number of employees whose working hours are reduced, paid leave, work stoppage, postponement, termination of labor contracts. motion; salary debt… to take timely support measures.

In addition, strengthen direction and support grassroots trade unions to closely monitor and firmly grasp the situation of enterprises, union members and employees to participate, and request employers to soon develop a Tet holiday, salary, bonus and other benefits for employees during the Lunar New Year 2023.

“Actively implement and coordinate with representative organizations and employers’ associations to propose to the province, city party committee, party committee, People’s Committee of province, city, government and professionals at the same level to implement solutions to support production and business for enterprises, and keep jobs for employees,” said the representative of the General Confederation of Labor.

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