27.09.2022, 08:18

Hung Vuong Developer to standardise Hometel lifestyle through strategic partnership

Position, quality, and value growth strategy

According to the cooperation agreement, Best Western Premier will directly manage and operate The Venice5&6 beach apartments, a brand line under BWH Hotel Group that specialises in operating a hotel and resort system according to international 5-star standards.

This strategic alliance aims to meet the needs and new trends of beachfront real estate ownership as customers have been showing keen interest in sustainable development and high-quality operational management.

BWH Hotel Group is one of the largest hotel brands with over a 75-year track record. It operates about 4,500 hotels and resorts in more than 100 countries and territories with 51 million loyal customers. This is the foundation that will create the growth boost for The Venice5&6.

BWH Hotel Group's reputation is of great significance in developing The Venice5&6 and elevating the HVD brand to reach the world. A highly professional system, exceptional training network, and human resources that are representative of global service quality standards will open a cycle of sustainable development for the beach apartments.

Regarding the prospect of the beach apartment in the Ho Tram-Binh Chau-Ham Tan area, Olivier Berrivin, vice president of Operations at APAC, BWH Hotel Group, said this was an interesting destination in Vietnam.

“With the proximity to Ho Chi Minh City and proven infrastructure advantages such as the passage of highways and Long Thanh international airport, we believe the area will be a destination for both local and international tourists. We also see the burgeoning demand for owning a branded beachfront second home to generate positive energy in life.”

BWH Hotel Group's reputation is of great significance in developing The Venice5&6 and elevating the HVD brand to reach the world.

The group also carefully researched the competitiveness of the beach apartment complex for the future and highly appreciated the location, local identity, creativity in design, and impressive investment, which are the decisive factors for the success of The Venice5&6.

According to a representative from BWH Hotel Group, with the Hometel, The Venice5&6 is an exceptional development as the owners can live there or use it as a second home while enjoying world-class services.

Standardised Hometel lifestyle reaching 5-star standards

The Venice5&6, developed by HVD and managed by the luxury brand Best Western Premier of BWH Hotel Group, is bringing a novel definition of the Hometel lifestyle to the beachfront real estate market.

This is a combination of three special value systems:

Home - An apartment for long-term ownership with a guarantee of three rights: Stay, sublease, and determine.

Hotel - Designed with a wide range of facilities according to 5-star hotel standards, which is located in and fully inherits the HomeResort ecosystem with 16 high-end utility clusters of Venezia Beach to help the apartment complex reach wellness luxury living standards.

Hospitality - Managed and operated by the luxury brand Best Western Premier of BWH Hotel Group – the world's leading brand in the global hotel and resort industry.

To standardise Hometel, The Venice5&6 have met all the strict criteria set by this global brand. The apartments are designed to international standards from the first step into the luxurious lobby with services available at 5-star hotels like concierge services, a welcome drink, a fruit bar, and a business centre and lounge, to name but a few.

There are family-friendly facilities with a self-service kitchen and BBQ, a self-service laundry centre, an infinity pool for children and adults, a gym-yoga centre, a 3D golf simulator, and a business lounge and co-working space for business people to enjoy while combining with their work.

Furthermore, the diversified options of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, penthouses, King rooms, and Deluxe rooms can meet all customers' needs when it comes to owning a second home.

In contrast to beach apartment models on the market where only VIP products have a sea view, The Venice5&6 are optimised in their design with a 100 per cent sea view and a 100 per cent sea view bed.

Colourful arch architecture with higher construction costs than usual help the two towers to become an iconic feature on the billion-dollar resort route. This is a difficult design matter that HVD has made creative efforts to find a solution to and carry out its mission to improve the optimal experience quality.

At the signing ceremony, Le Quoc Ky Quang, general director of HVD, noted that the successful cooperation with the Best Western Premier brand attests to the developer's commitment to customers, reaffirming HVD's competence and the outstanding potential of The Venice5&6.

It assists the project in creating distinct benefits while ensuring a sustainable development cycle, bringing optimal value to residents and investors alike.