29.08.2022, 10:31

Generali’s solid offering for children

Unveiled on August 16, VITA – Cho Con (for our children) effectively combines protection and investment to offer customers exceptional and unprecedented benefits associated with the learning and development process of their children.

The product aims to give parents peace of mind when building a solid educational foundation for their children with the opportunity to increase and accumulate assets through investment funds managed by VinaCapital and Dragon Capital.

VITA – Cho Con is designed to provide customers and their families with comprehensive protection against the risks of death, total and permanent disabilities, and critical illnesses, among many others.

The first ever investment-linked education-focused insurance product VITA – Cho Con features an attractive bonus programme to help parents encourage their children’s development

For the first time in the domestic insurance market, in addition to the premium waiver benefit upon a parent’s death or permanent disabilities, Generali guarantees to issue a new insurance policy for their children without any underwriting required with a sum assured of up to VND10 billion (almost $435,000).

For each policy successfully issued, Generali commits to contribute VND100,000 ($4.35) to “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha”, a parenting community education programme run by Generali Vietnam and the National Fund for Vietnamese Children.

The programme features an innovative approach to sharing practical parenting knowledge and skills with parents and caregivers, while providing support to underprivileged families across the country.

As an education-focused unit-linked insurance solution, VITA – Cho Con offers many attractive bonuses to increase the value of the customer’s accounts, including a regular bonus of up to 11 per cent of the average target premium account.

Of note, Generali Vietnam’s unique Child’s Companion bonus programme helps parents encourage and enable their children’s comprehensive development with attractive and practical rewards upon their achievements in their academic, sports, culture, art, science, and community pursuits.

In addition, VITA – Cho Con offers policyholders great flexibility in determining the premium amount, sum assured, and investment allocation in accordance with their risk appetite. Customers can flexibly adjust their investment plans when needed.

VITA – Cho Con features a unique investment strategy with four unit-linked funds being managed by the top two leading asset management companies in Vietnam in order to leverage their unique strengths to optimise customers’ investment returns.

Generali’s unit-linked funds rose to lead the market in terms of investment returns in 2021, contributing to Generali Vietnam’s being honoured as “Leading investment-linked insurance product provider in Vietnam” at the Golden Dragon Awards 2022.

“For Vietnamese people, the demand for suitable protection and investment solutions for our children has always been very strong,” said Tina Nguyen, Generali Vietnam’s CEO. “Finding the most effective solution to this demand is our passion and commitment. Designed specifically to meet this demand, with many built-in benefits closely associated with the learning and development process of children, VITA – Cho Con will be the answer for many parents looking to protect and invest in their children’s future.”

Generali Vietnam is a member of Generali Group, one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers in Italy. Established in Vietnam in 2011, the company has quickly established itself as a top life insurer in the country with its strong focus on product development and customer experience, persistently pursuing the ambition of becoming a “lifetime partner” to customers.

With diverse distribution channels and a nationwide network of more than 80 agency offices and customer service centres, Generali Vietnam currently serves over 450,000 clients across the country.