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Amazon FBA: How to sell on Amazon from Vietnam?

Shipping issues can differ for a physical store. If you don’t have a suitable solution for it, they might be quite difficult. If your business is small and poorly organized, logistics may become a hassle. Such a stage is tedious in terms of the documentation you need to complete each time you ship something abroad. I’ll suggest that we do away with logistics and hire someone to handle it for you.

You got the words right. It will be difficult to handle the logistics on your own because containers cost four times as much before Covid-19. As a result, programs like Amazon FBA save tons of time that you can spend on something else.

This article has been made based on the insights found on this guide about doing FBA from Vietnam.

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a form of support for Amazon sellers with inventory provided by Amazon.

A seller (or a seller’s supplier) ships their products directly to an Amazon warehouse. Amazon stores items in stock and ships them directly to customers (usually via 2-day Prime shipping).

In particular, Amazon also supports effective customer care. They provide 24/7 customer service, with a special privilege to access one of the biggest and most advanced fulfillment networks globally.

How to sell on Amazon from Vietnam?

This video explains the key information that you need to know if you wish to start selling on Amazon from Vietnam. Maybe you are already sourcing products in China, or you are living in Vietnam and want to start your entrepreneur journey and find factories in Vietnam to manufacture goods and export to the USA or Europe.

You will learn :

  • China vs Vietnam in terms of manufacturing power?
  • How to source products from Vietnam?
  • Top product categories in Vietnam?
  • How to find reliable suppliers in Vietnam?

1. Market research

Start by learning about the biggest sellers on Amazon, more specifically the market you are targeting.
Look at the products that they are selling and determine whether you are capable of working with such products. Usually, the popularity of a product depends on seasons. For instance, during the holiday seasons, products like souvenirs fly off the shelf quickly. That could be a potential option for a profitable drop shipping business.

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Deciding on a product to sell is hard, especially if you are a beginner. I’d suggest looking at the ranking of different products: If they’re in the top rankings, they have high competition. On the contrary, products with low rankings have lower competition. However, keep in mind that choosing products of low rankings may hurt your business, as a business recession may happen to lead to high inventory costs.

After that, Combine those products into a service like Unicorn Smasher or AMZ Scout and you’ll get all sorts of essential data like estimated monthly sales, competitor information, and fee sheets.

2. Creating a product combo

If there are dozens of sellers on Amazon with the same product category, the chances of a buyer choosing your product are slim.
However, you can work around this by creating a new bundle catalog. For example, create a product and gift combo. That allows you to appear with a single product category that is still visible when people search for the main product. Of course, you can charge more because you are offering a product combo.

3. Branding

If you want to stand out from the hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers, you need your brand. That means you must prepare yourself with a deep understanding of your target customers, know how to position your brand and create consistent style images, titles, and product descriptions.
Create your online store where you control the customer experience. You can also use unique packaging and accessories to ensure your brand personality.

4. Sourcing products in Vietnam

Vietnam manufactures high-quality wicker/rattan/bamboo stuff, wooden furniture, and cashew nuts. On Movetoasia’s YouTube channel, you will also find videos about factory tours if you wish to look for reliable suppliers for top product categories in Vietnam.

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If you want to see how they look in real life, check out this video and see the footage that I took of the factories.

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