16.07.2020, 23:34

Masan Group plans to issue a maximum of 5.8 million ESOP shares

Masan Group plans to issue a maximum of 5.8 million ESOP shares

Expected time for implementation is in July or August. Issuing price is 10,000 dong / share, equivalent to 18% market price.

The Board of Directors of Masan Group (HoSE: MSN) approved the issuance of up to 5.8 million shares under the Employee Choice Program (ESOP), equivalent to a maximum of 0.5% of the capital.

The list of individuals participating in the program includes 31 people including General Director Danny Le and 3 Deputy General Directors Nguyen Thieu Nam, Michael Hung Nguyen, Doan Thi My Duyen These are the employees of the company, companies Subsidiaries and subsidiaries have outstanding achievements, making special contributions to the company’s production and business activities and commit to long-term commitment to the company.

Estimated time for implementation in July or August, after obtaining the State Securities Commission’s approval. Issuing price is VND 10,000 / share, equivalent to 18% of the closing price on July 16 (VND 55,700 / share). The undistributed shares will be canceled or further distributed to the selected issuers with the issue price of 10,000 VND / share.

Masan Group issued 5.8 million ESOP shares in June 2018.

Regarding the business plan in 2020, the revenue ranges from VND 75,000 to VND 85,000 billion, nearly double the level in 2019. Profit after tax allocated to shareholders is from VND 1,000 to 3,000 billion, down at least 46%.

The Board of Directors of Masan Group passed a resolution to buy an additional 15% of the shares of The CrownX. Transactions under consideration to be carried out in cash with a value of up to USD 1 billion are expected to be completed in the second and third quarters.

The CrownX – owns 83.74% of VCM – the company owns VinMart, VinMart + and VinEco with ambition to dominate the retail industry. Expected revenue of Masan Group until 2025 is about 5-10 billion USD.

Source: ndh.vn