08.02.2022, 13:43

FDI enterprises in Bình Dương resume production after long Tet holiday


FDI enterprises in Bình Dương resume production after long Tet holiday

On the first day after the holiday ended, up to 95 per cent of workers at Gunzental Vietnam in the Viet Nam – Singapore Industrial Park II (VSIP II) have been back to work, enabling production to carry on as normal.

At Esquel Vietnam Co., Ltd in Thuan An City’s VSIP I , about 2,500 workers, or over 80 per cent of the total, have returned to work as production needs to be resumed immediately to fulfil export orders.

All workers have come back to the nearby Apparel Far Eastern (Vietnam) where COVID-19 prevention rules are strictly observed right on the first day after Tet.

President of VSIP’s trade union Dang Thi Kim Chi said 315 enterprises at VSIPs have resumed operations after the New Year holiday, many of which had capacity reaching nearly 100 per cent. It marked the start of a better year for local companies with the virus kept at bay, she said.

The industrial province is now classified as a “green” or low-risk zone in terms of COVID-19 infection.

This year, Binh Duong expects to achieve a Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) growth of 8 – 8.3 per cent. The Industrial Production Index is projected to expand 8.9 per cent compared to 2021. It also aims to raise total social investment by 10 per cent year-on-year to make it account for 33.3 per cent of the GRDP. FDI flows into the province is hoped to exceed US$1.8 billion.