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Busmap: From a “national” public transport application to the Covidmap “for the people” and smart mobility solution

In cooperation with the Government, Ministry of Health and local authorities in disease prevention and control, Phenikaa MaaS Technology JSC (member of Phenikaa Group) has supported more than 10 provinces/cities to build Covid epidemiological map (CovidMap) based on the core map technology from BusMap app. This is a very humanistic solution that shows Phenikaa MaaS’s spirit for society and community in its journey to being a conscious business.

From a charge-free “national” transport app…

The core map technology was first applied in the development of the BusMap application by Le Yen Thanh, CEO of Phenikaa MaaS, to provide free support for people to travel by public bus conveniently and easily as well as save more time and money. Up to now, BusMap application has been downloaded more than 2 million times, is in the group of 1% of applications with more than 1 million downloads on Playstore, and has more than 400,000 monthly active users. According to Le Yen Thanh, CEO of Phenikaa MaaS, there are on average 50 million passengers who travel by bus in Ho Chi Minh City every month and about 20% of them use the BusMap application when traveling. Phenikaa MaaS has implemented BusMap in three big cities of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang – as well as some of the big cities in Southeast Asia such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

BusMap application possesses outstanding features that allow users to access the inner-city bus map system, check the buses’ routes in real-time via GPS, route-lookup and route-calculating algorithms to estimate the time of arrival to a pick-up point, thereby finding the shortest travel plan with the lowest cost and time. With outstanding functions, the BusMap application has contributed to bringing smart transportation solutions to the community, thereby promoting the development of the public transport system in Vietnam and other countries and reduce congestion and environmental pollution.

Not only is BusMap popular with Vietnamese people but also preferred by the international community because it is integrated with an English version to help foreigners in Vietnam, including tourists and experts, actively look up information and conveniently travel by public transport.

…to the epidemiological CovidMap “for the people”…

By mastering the core map technology, Phenikaa MaaS has supported Da Nang to build a CovidMap epidemiological map when the pandemic broke out in August 2020. CovidMap is a tool to help people directly, easily and quickly identify places with a high risk of infection, thereby having an appropriate journey and avoiding going into epidemic areas. At the same time, CovidMap also helps local authorities monitor and access the data quickly and accurately and prevent fake information on the mass media.

CovidMap: The Covid epidemiological map (CovidMap) was set up by Phenikaa MaaS to assist the people and authorities of Da Nang in the prevention of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Currently, this solution has been deployed for free in more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide, including Bac Giang, Da Nang, Hai Duong, Ha Tinh, Lang Son, and is expanding to support others. According to CEO Le Yen Thanh, Phenikaa MaaS will support provinces and cities in Vietnam to integrate more information about vaccination registration and vaccination confirmation on the CovidMap soon based on the actual local situation.

This is considered as an intelligent and practical technology solution, making a positive contribution to the fight against Covid in Vietnam.

… And the goal of promoting digital transformation in smart transportation and smart cities

After receiving the investment capital of US$1.5 million from Phenikaa Group, Phenikaa MaaS (formerly BusMap JSC) officially became a member of the Phenikaa Ecosystem. With the comprehensive support from the parent company, Phenikaa MaaS can take advantage of the synergy of Phenikaa Group and its subsidiaries in the field of technology – industry, especially “benefiting” from the research topics and scientific achievements from the Group’s research institutes/centers, to develop new, breakthrough and highly-applicable technological products and solutions, and promote the digital transformation process in businesses (B2B) and government agencies (B2G).

In the field of transportation: To support the digital transformation of transport companies, Phenikaa MaaS introduces the Smart Mobility solution applying AI and BigData technology. This is a package of comprehensively integrated solutions to support the construction of the smart transportation system in urban areas and offer solutions to help businesses, management units and transport businesses upgrade their management capacity, allowing vehicles to move in an automatic, time-saving, and labor-saving method, improve operational efficiency and accelerate the digital transformation process in the businesses.

Smart Mobility solution is not only trusted by large enterprises and domestic authorities such as VinBus Company, Da Nang government but also be proposed to cooperate and develop with international partners such as “tech unicorn” Grab. As a result, Phenikaa MaaS has cooperated with Grab to deploy a bus ride solution combined with technology motorbike taxi, this is the first time Grab has cooperated with a startup to deploy this solution, which can help Grab save costs and time for users, and increase their competitive advantage in the market.

Within Phenikaa Group, Phenikaa MaaS’s core map technology has been used and applied to the Phenikaa smart autonomous vehicle – a 4/5 level autonomous vehicle according to the standards developed by the Association of Engineers. The first “Made in Vietnam ” car (SAE) in Vietnam.

In education: To build a smart operation system for schools and educational institutions, BusMap core technology of Phenikaa MaaS has been applied into the PHX Smart School technology solution package by PHX Service and Technology Solution for Education JSC (a member of Phenikaa Group). This is a smart and optimal technological solution for schools and educational centers with useful features integrated into the platform, which can be applied in teaching and studying activities, management, operation and supervision; and the center of this solution is 4 primary subjects of schools: students, parents, teachers, and managers.

The PHX Smart School solution has been implemented in large schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and is proposed by international partners to be implemented in the Middle East with positive feedback.

After 9 years of operation and development, starting with the core technology implemented from BusMap application, Phenikaa MaaS has now become stronger and made its mark in the national economy and society. With technological products, Phenikaa MaaS aims to be a leading company to provide solutions, products, and services in the smart city and smart mobility sector. By doing this, Phenikaa MaaS is counted as a part of the national digital transformation process, enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises sustainably and being environmentally friendly for a smart and liveable life.

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