30.03.2021, 12:41

Vietnam enjoys trade surplus of over US$2 billion in Q1

The department reports trade turnover in March alone surged by 35.9% to US$55.5 billion compared to the previous month, with exports soaring by 38.6% to US$28 billion and imports increasing by 33.1% to US$27.5 billion.

Overall, the country’s total import and export turnover throughout the three-month period rose by 23% to US$151.35 billion, and a trade surplus hit over US$2.14 billion, says the department.

Phones and accessories remained the largest export commodity group with an estimated turnover of US$14.07 billion in the first quarter, marking an annual jump of 9.3%. They were followed by computers and electronic products components (US$11.6 billion and 28%) and seafood (US$1.68 billion, and 3.3%).

Elsewhere, two groups of imported goods, including computers, electronic products and components, recorded turnover reaching over US$10 billion throughout the reviewed period.