25.03.2021, 18:27

Forbes: Vietnamese textile industry remains stable amid COVID-19

The article outlines that the pandemic initially triggered a surge in demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) from the local manufacturing sector.

Orders subsequently flowed in from around the world, thereby helping to boost the country’s important garment-making industry with plenty of local manufacturers altering their facilities in order to produce PPE.

Forbes quotes a report by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade as saying that there are more than 6,000 garment factories and textile mills nationwide, with the sector employing some three million workers last year.

“As the pandemic spread and global consumption slowed, Vietnam's significant garment industry saw orders sharply reduced. Vietnam's garment and textile exports were down overall in 2020, the first time it has seen negative growth in a quarter of a century,” the article notes.

It adds that the Vietnamese Government initially restricted the export of goods, such as face masks, in order to ensure there was an adequate domestic supply to help local people combat the virus.

The article also provides statistics given by the General Department of Vietnam Customs as saying that once restrictions were lifted in March last year, Vietnamese manufacturers exported almost 1.2 billion masks through to December, 2020, to North America, Europe, and around Asia.

Vietnam Goods and Exports (VGE) was one company which turned to making cloth face masks. Anh Tran, founder of VGE, said he made the decision to switch in early 2020 after seeing an ongoing demand for the product.       

 “If vaccines are effective, you will probably see a drop-off in the wearing of masks near the end of 2021, but from now until then, it is still a massive industry that just exploded overnight. From the very beginning, it has been crazy in terms of demand globally,” Tran states.