28.12.2020, 18:58

Securities, petroleum stocks fly high

The Saigon Times

Securities, petroleum stocks fly high
A general view of the Cat Linh-Ha Dong urban railway project, which is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2021 – PHOTO: VNA

HCMC – The Hanoi City government has set a target to have 17-18% of commuters in the city travel by public transport next year, according to the city’s plan on traffic safety and traffic jam reduction for 2021.

To meet the target, the city will organize more campaigns to encourage citizens to use public transport, expand the bus system, put the first urban railway project into service and increase investment in transport infrastructure.

Hanoi has planned to open 15-25 new bus routes in 2021, taking the total number of bus routes in the city to 45-55. The new bus routes will be prioritized for outlying districts, new urban areas, shopping centers, industrial parks and school zones.

The city would develop bus-only lanes on some streets and prioritize buses on streets where automobiles are banned.

Besides, the city will work closely with the Ministry of Transport to effectively operate the Cat Linh-Ha Dong urban railway project as well as the bus system connected to the project.

The city will also tighten control over ride-hailing services, improve the quality of taxi services, rearrange the stops for shuttle buses transporting workers and students and adjust the routes of interprovincial coaches.

To improve the transport infrastructure, the city will accelerate major transport projects such as the Hoang Cau-Voi Phuc section of Belt Road No. 1, the Vinh Tuy-Cho Mo-Vong Intersection section of Belt Road No. 2, the Ngoc Hoi-Thuong Tin section of National Highway 1A, Road No. 70, the road connecting Nhat Tan Bridge with Thanh Nien Street and the road connecting Mo Lao Bridge with Doi Bridge.

“Hanoi will accelerate urban railway projects, call on private investors to build new interprovincial bus stations, get rid of bus stations in the city center to reduce traffic congestion and speed up transport projects in the central business district,” Hanoi chairman Chu Ngoc Anh said.

The local authorities will also increase control over transport violations, apply new technologies in transport management and upgrade the traffic signage system.

“The city is committed to reducing the number of road and railway accidents, fatalities and injuries by 5-10% from 2020, reducing road accidents caused by drunk driving, preventing serious traffic accidents, preventing traffic jams lasting over 30 minutes and addressing traffic accident hotspots,” Anh said.