27.06.2020, 15:11

Foreign investment capital thrives in June

Foreign investment capital thrives in June

The increase in new investment capital was mainly due to the Bac Lieu liquefied natural gas-fired power plant, with an investment of $4 billion. In the same period, 526 projects registered to adjust investment capital with the total additional registered capital of over $3.7 billion, up 26.8 percent. Of these, the petrochemical complex in Southern Vietnam increased its capital by $1.38 trillion. Noticeably, the investment through capital contribution and purchase of shares in the first half of the year reached $3.51 billion, accounting for only 43.2 percent of that in the same period last year. As for implemented capital, in the first six months, it reached $8.65 billion, only accounting for 95.1 percent of that in the same period last year.

Contrary to this trend, the investment cash flow from domestic to foreign countries increased by 11.4 percent compared to the same period last year. Specifically, in the first six months of this year, the total overseas newly-registered and adjusted investment capital of Vietnam reached $222.67 million. Of which, 70 projects were granted new investment registration certificates with a total registered capital of $185.3 million, up 78.4 percent over the same period, and 14 times of projects adjusted investment capital with a total additional capital of 37.4 million, accounting for 38.9 percent of that in the same period last year.

According to experts from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the above situation clearly reflects the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global economy. However, it is expected that the situation will be better shortly with the capital inflows. In June this year alone (by June 20), the whole country has lured $1.79 billion of newly-registered capital, adjusted, capital contribution, and purchase of shares of foreign investors, an increase of 3.1 percent over the same period last year, an increase of 14.9 percent compared to May. The scale of new investment projects also increased significantly, reaching an average of $4.8 million per project in June, 67.2 percent higher than that in May 2020, 2.4 times higher than that in March, and 2.2 times higher than that in February this year.

By Anh Phuong – Translated by Gia Bao