27.11.2020, 10:18

European enterprises optimistic about Vietnam market as BCI rebounds

By Trung Chanh

European enterprises optimistic about Vietnam market as BCI rebounds
Employees process tra fish. Local tra fish exporters have been told to remain cool-headed amid China’s tightened control of imported frozen food to prevent any new Covid-19 infections – PHOTO: TRUNG CHANH

CAN THO – The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) has told local tra fish exporters to remain calm and not lower the export price of the fish, after the Chinese authorities tightened the surveillance of imported frozen seafood, including Vietnamese tra fish, in an attempt to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.

According to VASEP, from November 10, China began doubling down on its efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus through imported frozen seafood products. Specifically, Chinese competent forces have adopted surveillance, disinfection and origin traceability measures for all consignments of frozen seafood products shipped to China’s major ports such as Shanghai, Wuhan and Qingdao.

Frozen seafood shipments from Vietnam, including tra fish fillets, have to be subject to food and packaging tests at the ports.

However, the prolonged surveillance and food sample testing process resulted in a large amount of goods getting stuck at the ports. Given this situation, VASEP called on local exporters to stay calm and not reduce the export price of tra fish.

VASEP General Secretary Truong Dinh Hoe said in a dispatch recently sent to local tra fish exporters that lowering tra fish export prices will not address the goods that are stuck at ports and will leave a negative impact on shipments bound for China.

Further, local exporters should work closely with importers to stay updated on the export process, aiming to prevent goods from getting stuck at ports and negotiate to adjust the export schedule more appropriately, said the VASEP representative.

He added that VASEP had proposed the ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development, Industry and Trade and Foreign Affairs work jointly with the Chinese authorities to remove the obstacles facing local seafood exporters, as Vietnam has brought the Covid-19 pandemic under control.